Ice skating news – at only 24 years old: Letters ending her career – sport

Ice skating news – at only 24 years old: crafts ending her career – Sports – SRF

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No more roles in the World Cup

Meta Hruffat swings into Alpine retirement.

Freshfocus / Sven Toman

“Loss of Sparkle”: letters that draw an early line

Ahead of the first race of the season, Mita Kruffat surprisingly announced her retirement from alpine skiing. The best giant slalom skater from the Slovenian camp is only 24 years old. Hrofat justified the move on Instagram by saying that she had lost “the sparkle in her eyes” and was no longer ready to invest everything. “It was one of the hardest decisions I made in my life,” Hruvat says. The Slovenian has climbed to the World Cup podium four times in her career, most recently in March 2021 at the giant slalom in Linzerheide.

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