April 23, 2024

Ice Hockey World Cup: Germany vs Kazakhstan Now in the Live Tape - The surprise is in the air

Ice Hockey World Cup: Germany vs Kazakhstan Now in the Live Tape – The surprise is in the air

Germany turns the game against Kazakhstan in the second third of the Ice Hockey World Cup.

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Germany meets Kazakhstan in the Ice Hockey World Cup, and DEB wants to continue their dream start. We accompany the game in the live tape.

  • Ice Hockey World Cup: Kazakhstan-Germany 2: 2 (0: 0, 1: 2, – :-), Wednesday, 3.15 pm.
  • After the historic victory over Canada, the mandatory task awaits Kazakhstan.
  • DEB could claim a fourth successive victory at the start of the World Cup. The game is in the live broadcast bar.

Kazakhstan 2-2 Germany

rip: 1: 0 Shin (27), 1: 1 Konakl (30), 1: 2 Eisenschmid (35), 2: 2 Starchenko (41)

+++ UPDATE +++

Third third: In the last few minutes, the Kazakhs can take the pressure off a little. Germany must be on guard.

Third third: Germany is getting stronger and stronger and presses the opening goal. The Kazakhs are holding back a lot and are already speculating on potential penalties, so the underdog has already scored two wins in this World Cup. The last ten minutes started.

Third third: Incredible sights! Germany is really pressing on her. Even the Kazakh goalkeeper lost his stick, but soon after the majority ended.

Third third: Once again, Germany is outnumbered. The fourth force game should bring renewed leadership.

Ice Hockey World Cup: Germany vs Kazakhstan Now in Live Tape – Compensation right after the break

Third: TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOR for Kazakhstan! Madly, the Kazakhs responded right after the first half, leveling 2-2. Starchenko turns a questionable penalty kick through two Niederberger legs.

Third third: The last third begins! Germany achieved a huge increase in performance and well-deservedly turned the game. Can the Kazakhs fight again? Yesterday’s defeat to the United States should be in the bones of the outside world.

The second third: break! Germany wanted to add more before the separator as it fired from all cylinders. But the Kazakhs bring narrow deficits over time.

The second third: Germany is close to progress. The 2v1 mode is beautifully played, but the Kazakh goalkeeper is dodging hard. Three minutes to play the second half.

Ice Hockey World Cup: Germany vs Kazakhstan Now in the live tape – the DEB team makes a crazy diversion

Third: TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOR for Germany! 2: 1. But now, the blow is important. On Power Play, Loibl set an example of Eisenschmid, who stays very quiet in front of the hut. The Kazakhs object again and it was very soon again, but this time the Germans are lucky. The Kazakhs received a time penalty due to the unsuccessful challenge.

Second place: Germany scores the next blow. It happened very quickly and very quickly for the Kazakhs. After a counterattack, Plachta fired the playing equipment into the short corner from the right. But Kazakhstan could be verified and the target was rejected due to a narrow offside site.

Third: TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOR for Germany! 1: 1. Quick compensation is available! Rider places Tom Kunkle on the outside and chases the disc in the far corner below the bar.

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The second third: Chance to score! After a quick pass, Noibles missed the Kazakhstan goalkeeper.

Third: TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOR for Kazakhstan! And he referred to himself. Six minutes later in the second trimester, the Kazakhs advanced. In the middle third there is a very large area in the center. Shane’s shot was deflected indefinitely by Brandt’s runners.

The second third: Kazakhs continue to put sticks of needles. Four minutes later in the second trimester there is even a real urgency stage that the Germans go through with a lot of luck.

The second third: That was suspicious! Germany enters a one-on-two situation, but the Kazakhs are forgiving.

The second third: Follow! Germany must ramp up leadership power. The overflow continues for more than 20 seconds.

Stop! No targets between Germany and Kazakhstan. Both teams had few chances of injury, each failed one time due to aluminum. DEB has made their way into the match they lead intensely after initial difficulties and have gone up more and more in the last few minutes. If this continues into the second trimester, the opening goal should only be a matter of time.

First trimester: Germany cleverly united through the Kazakh defense block and then failed to shoot three times in a row in front of the goal in the residence. Passed!

First trimester: Kazakhstan now receives a penalty for carrying a bat. Could the DEB team use the majority before taking a break and taking the lead?

First trimester: Toby Reader throws himself in a slap shot and successfully blocks it. The Kazakh power game will be over in an instant.

First trimester: The first penalty kick in the game! Corbinian Holzer must move away from the ice, the German team is outnumbered. Four minutes remaining in the first trimester.

First trimester: Now the Germans respond. The surface of the ice gets blocked in a flash, but Kühnhackl just doesn’t get there.

First trimester: Kazakhstan has better opportunities. After a quick counterattack, the outer side appears free to Niederberger, but the goalkeeper can dodge.

Third: Now, too, the Germans have the first opportunity. After a sweet attack, Toby Ridder places the puck on the post.

First trimester: Lucas Rachel is badly examined by a Kazakh and has to go to the bench with a head injury. Referees were not awarded a penalty.

First trimester: The German team is in charge now, but apart from a few goals, nothing has come of it. The game is expected to be very strong and physical.

First trimester: The first opportunity goes to Kazakhstan. Stepanenko hits the board in the crossbar from the German goal.

The game begins! The German national team faces Kazakhstan without change. That will depend on goalkeeper Matthias Niederberger again.

Update from May 26, 3:13 p.m.: Only a few moments until the confrontation! Will the German ice hockey team claim their fourth victory in their fourth game today? It would be like qualifying for the quarter-finals. Slip cracks are already on the ice.

Ice Hockey World Cup: Germany vs Kazakhstan in the live tape – Söderholm wants the next victory

Update from May 26 at 3:10 p.m.: DEB coach Tony Soderholm does not want to underestimate opponent Kazakhstan under any circumstances. “The goalkeeper and the defense are very good, there are ample reasons to respect Kazakhstan. But we look at ourselves and want to speed up in the first ten minutes,” the Finn said at Sport 1 before the match.

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Ice Hockey World Cup: Germany vs Kazakhstan in Live Tape – Insider Holzer warns

Update May 26, 3 p.m.: Defender Corbinian Holzer knows the Kazakhstan team well. “The Kazakhs have a very good team that shouldn’t be underestimated.” Holzer knows the majority of the team from Eastern Europe KHL, where he last played for car manufacturer Yekaterinburg. “In this tournament, you have to be prepared for every match, as the results of the other group will show.”

Ice Hockey World Cup: Germany vs Kazakhstan in the live tape – the squad has not changed after Canada’s victory

Update from May 26 at 2:30 pm: Despite the pressure of the victory over Canada, national ice hockey coach Tony Soderholm made no changes to the World Cup squad again less than 48 hours later. The Finn is confident in the same lines of defense and attack against outside Kazakhstan as in the previous three victories in the preliminary round at the World Cup in Riga. For the third time in a row, Berlin goalkeeper Matthias Niederberger, who on Monday evening scored his first World Cup victory against Canada in 25 years, will be published.

Dominic Bitner, Daniel Fishbusch, John Jason Petrka and Andreas Ider, who are now officially registered, continue to sit down. After arriving on Wednesday afternoon, National Hockey League striker Dominic Cahon is only eligible to play at the end of the preliminary round due to quarantine regulations.

Ice Hockey World Cup: Germany vs Kazakhstan in the live tape – the fourth duel

Update from May 26, 2:25 p.m.: Germany, top of the table, could reach the quarter-finals ahead of schedule with their fourth victory in their fourth game. This is the fourth meeting with Kazakhstan in the World Ice Hockey Championship. The DEB team won twice: in 2004 with 4: 2 and in 2014 with a 2: 1 penalty shootout. Once upon a time, however, he lost the German choice – with dire consequences. At the 2005 World Cup in Austria, there was a 1: 2 bankruptcy in Vienna and an eventual relegation in Innsbruck.

Ice Hockey World Cup: Germany vs Kazakhstan in the Live Tape – Quarter-finals gesture

Update from May 26, 1:20 p.m.: In less than two hours, the German ice hockey cracks will be back in the ice. After three victories at the start of the World Cup and the historic second 3-1 against Canada recently, Germany can already make the quarter-finals clear. But with Kazakhstan’s opponents, an uncomfortable opponent is waiting.

The underdog stunned by beating hosts Latvia and embarrassing defending champion Finland. The Kazakhs scored two victories after the penalty shootout. But in the third game on Tuesday, the first defeat was followed by a 3–0 defeat to the United States.

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Ice Hockey World Cup: Germany vs Kazakhstan in the live tape – Euphoria in the DEB team

Initial report from May 25: Riga – The German national ice hockey team wants to continue their winning streak in the Ice Hockey World Cup against Kazakhstan. After the historic World Cup victory over Canada, whose intensity was reminiscent of the game of the century in the semi-finals of the 2018 Olympics in Pyeongchang, German ice hockey cracks remain on the ninth cloud at the World Cup in Riga.

“This team lives on from passion and love for each other” – captain Moritz Muller happily said after the 3-1 victory over Canada on Monday night – their first World Cup victory over a 26-time world champion in 25 years. With a fourth win in Game 4, the most promising opening match of the World Cup should continue on Wednesday against Kazakhstan (3:15 PM / Sport 1). The team firmly believes in a coup like three years ago, when the German Ice Hockey Association selection won the silver after 4: 3 in the Olympic semifinals against Canada.

Ice Hockey World Championship: Germany vs Kazakhstan in the Live Tape – Dream World Championship Title

Unlike three years ago in South Korea, there are NHL players at the World Cup, but really big stars are missing so far – also due to the special circumstances of the tournament in a bubble amid the coronavirus pandemic. Several major countries lost their matches surprisingly. The motherland of ice hockey, which consists exclusively of NHL players, suffered a third defeat to Germany in the third match. There has never been anything like it in World Cup history.

“It was clear that one of the first six countries would eventually become the world champion.” DEB President Franz Rindel said, “Now you have a lot of teams.” One of them – along with Switzerland and Slovakia – is Germany. Long in the morning after the victory over Canada: “It was a great start for sure, but we still have some plans.”

Ice Hockey World Cup: Germany vs Kazakhstan in Live Tape – Are NHL Stars Traveling To?

For 33-year-old veteran veteran Holzer, who has played for DEB for 13 years, the team feels special this year. Holzer was also in his first World Cup in 2019 under national coach Tony Söderholm, when he scored four opening wins and the best World Cup preliminary round so far before the quarter-finals against the Czech Republic.

They could top this time, although two years ago world-class player Leon Draicitel was there from the start in Slovakia and were joined by NHL goalkeeper Philippe Grobauer. After the NHL’s Edmonton Oilers playoff match, Draisaitl and Dominik Kahun can still attend, but only play next week. The next opponent stunned Kazakhstan in their first two matches with two victories after penalties against Latvia and Finland. (ck / dpa)