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Ice Hockey World Cup: Canadian ice hockey team polishes Cinderella story – ice hockey

Ice Hockey World Cup: Canadian ice hockey team polishes Cinderella story – ice hockey

With a big smile, German ice hockey coach Toni Soderholm said he was expecting a cake when he returned to the hotel. Shortly before, his team had barely kept Canada’s country title in the tournament by defeating Latvia. It is not known if this cake actually existed, but a second cake was already scheduled to be served at the latest since late Sunday evening (06/06/2021).

Canadians have already gilded the German gift. In the first extra time in the final against Finland, Nick Paul scored and scored the decisive goal. Canada can call itself the world ice hockey champion for the 27th time and now shares that record with Russia.

defeat against germany

German aid to Canada actually began much earlier. On the third day of the match, the motherland of ice hockey met with Germany. After two defeats already in the first two matches, the “Maple Leaf” has been under a lot of pressure, but it’s not happening DEBWrestling Team Canada. North Americans were with one WM So far I’ve always come off the ice as the second game winner at the latest, and now there’s been three defeats to start with.

The historically bad start was recognized in the mother country with indifference and incomprehension. In any case, the Ice Hockey World Championships in Canada is in a difficult situation, especially when the big stars are missing and they are NHL-qualifiers run parallel. If there are embarrassing defeats on top of that, you as a national player don’t want to open your local newspaper.

The turning point is coming manjiapan

But 1:3 against Germany seems to have been the necessary welcome effect. specific person Andrew Mangyapan subordinate Calgary Flames He joined the team and followed him up with three wins over Norway, Italy and Kazakhstan as well as a narrow penalty shootout loss against Finland.

We have a very young team. Canada coach Gerard Galant explained: “I think we are the youngest team in the tournament, but it’s a great opportunity for the boys.” And the Canadian team took advantage of the opportunity given to them by the German team.

revenge of United States of America and Finland

With Andrew Mangyapan, who was later named Player of the Tournament, a breath of fresh air descended upon the band. Close matches were suddenly won and Canada’s talents also showed what they can do in the knockout matches. Victories against Russia and successful revenge against it United States of America in the semi-finals. Suddenly Canada was in the final against Finland – just like in WM 2019.

Against the humorless martial artists from Finland, a peat festival was not expected. Canada was late twice, twice back, but that too Team Meanwhile he was completely updated in terms of personality. With a perfect counterattack, you better do it scorer The WM Conor Brown And the Nick Paul Canada Happy World Champion.

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