Ice hockey women start the World Cup with the goal of survival

With low expectations and the goal of staying in class, the German women’s group begins the World Ice Hockey Championships in Brampton, Canada.

“It’s going to be very difficult to keep up with the class. That’s all there is for now,” Christian Kunst, sports director of the German Ice Hockey Federation, said before the start of the tournament. On Thursday (5:00 pm) the national coach Thomas Schadler’s team played its first group match against Sweden. A day later, Finland is the next opponent in Group B. The decisive matches for survival in the league are expected to be on April 9 and 11 against France and Hungary.

“It’s going to be very difficult to qualify for the Women’s World Cup quarter-finals, and I’m going to be candid about that. There are some things you have to improve there,” Conast said.

The World Cup will be held in two groups. All five teams in Group A, the strongest, advance to the quarter-finals, while the top three teams in Group Two advance to the knockout stages. The favorites for the final on April 16 are world champions Canada. The weakest team in Group B is relegated.

The men’s World Cup tournament with new national coach Harold Kress kicks off on May 12 and will be held in Latvia and Finland.


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