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Ice Hockey Friday – SCB is not back immediately

Johnny Knewbueller from Embry with full commitment against Michael Vora from Davos.Photo: Cornerstone

02/24/2023, 23:0802/25/2023, 13:47

Umbry-Biota – Davos 3:4 next

In the Spengler Cup, HC Ambri-Piotta defeated HC Davos 5:0. At home in the Gotthard Arena, things are not going well for the Leventine team anymore. 3: 4 after extra time was the sixth consecutive home defeat. Dennis Rasmussen made it 4:3 in favor of Davos after 63:38 minutes. Last season, Embry lost six straight home games in the new arena in the fall of 2021. Davos played its 19th overtime this season. Davos won nine games in overtime or on penalties, and lost ten.

Davos players celebrate the victory at the end of the 2022/23 Swiss League preliminary round match between HC Ambri Piotta against HC Davos at the Gottardo Arena in Ambri, F ...

Once again, Davos has turned into a game.Photo: Cornerstone

Umbry-Biota – Davos 3:4 (2:1, 0:1, 1:1, 0:1) after
6,775 spectators (all sold out). Lemelin/Mollard, Obwegeser/Huguet.
Portals: 3. Kneubuehler (Ruefenacht) 1-0. 11. Delbec 1:1. 15. Formenton (Chlapik, Heed/Powerplaytor) 2:1. 26. Nussbaumer (Chris Egli) 2:2. 43. Rasmussen (Knack) 2-3. 51) Eid 3:3 64. Rasmussen 3:4.
punish: 4 times 2 minutes against Ambri-Biota, 6 times 2 minutes against Davos.
PostFinance top scorer: Spacek; Stransky.
Ambry biota: juvones. Head, Zakcho Doughty; Virtues and Hunters. Buren, Isaco Dotti; genitor. Bürgler, Heim, Formenton; spades, spacek, clapik; Trisconi, Grassi, dwarves; Hofer, Ruefenacht, Kneubuehler; Marchand.
Davos: Dairy maker. Immediately, Dahlbek; Dominic Egli, Irving; Brandon, Paschaud; less; phaser, corvi, ampoule; Dirt, Nordstrom, Pristedt; Stransky, Rasmussen, Knack; Frehner, Chris Eagley, Nussbaumer; strong
comments: Ambri-Piotta without Forler and Costner (both injured), Macmillan and Mitchell (both additional foreigners), Davos without Jong, Nygrín, Brassel and Wellinger (all injured) and Morrow (one additional foreigner).

Biel – Friborg-Gotron 3: 0

EHC Biel broke free in a 3-0 win over HC Friborg-Gottéron. In the first 40 minutes, Selander made only six shots on goal (!), But three goals. Jiri Salinen scored twice when outnumbered (1-0 and 3-0). Guterón’s goalkeeper, Rito Pera, had to pass three of the first five shots on his own goal. Bale has won only one of their last four home matches (losing to Agoy and Langnau) and has celebrated just five victories in the last eleven rounds. HC Friborg-Gottéron lost for the first time after four away victories.

Biel goalkeeper Harry Citri and Yannick Stampfli of Biel after the National Ice Hockey League championship game between EHC Biel and Friborg-Gotteron, on Friday, February 24, 2023, in Tissot ...

Bill’s goalkeeper Harry Satre is delighted with Yannick Stampfli’s victory.Photo: Cornerstone

Biel – Friborg Gutron 3: 0 (1: 0, 2: 0, 0: 0).
6,562 spectators (all sold out). SR Stolc/Urban, Altmann/Burgy.
Portals: 16. SALINEN (JAKOENKO, RAGALA/POWERPLAY) 1:0. 24- Stampfly (Luv, Tanner) 2-0. 27. Saalenen (Kessler, Ragala/PowerPlay Goal) 3:0.
punish: 5 times 2 minutes each.
PostFinance top scorer: Hoover. Desharnais.
Biel: I will see; Schneberger, Loew; Yakovenko, Grossman; Rathgib, Forster; Christine, Delmonte; Hofer, Haas, Olofsson; Kessler, Salenen, Rajala; Brunner, Schleipfer, Kunzel; Tanner, Freudfoo, Stampfly.
Friborg Gutierrez: Pera. Gunderson, Dufner. Diaz, Syler Sutter, Jeker Chavelas. Marchon, Descharnay, Kokanen; Mottet, Walser, Jorg; Springer, Rusk, Bertchy; Schmid, de la Rose, Sorensen; Bykov.
comments: Bale without Conte, Hescher (both injured) and Sheehan (foreign surplus), Friborg-Gutierron without Vaigno (foreign surplus).

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Cloten – Lausanne 2: 3 nP

Damien Reyat led the Lausanne hockey team to a 3-2 away win after a penalty shootout in Kloten. Rayat gave Lausanne a 2-1 lead in the first half and was the only one to score in the penalty shootout. The second winner of the Lausanne match was coach Jeff Ward, who in the final section canceled out Arto Routsalainen’s third goal from Kloten by challenging the coach. Lausanne has always scored in its last seven away matches (6 wins). A week ago, Lausanne was 13th, and now they have a place in the play-offs for the first time since September 25th. On the other hand, Kloten dropped out of the top ten for the first time since the end of October.

Lausanne's Jerry Secak, left, against Kloten's Jonathan Ang, right, in the National League Ice Hockey Championship match between EHC Kloten and Lausanne HC at Stimo Arena in Kloten ...

Jerry Secak of Lausanne vs Jonathan Ang of Kloten.Photo: Cornerstone

Clotin-Lausanne 2:3 (1:2, 1:0, 0:0, 0:0) nP
5769 spectators. Pechaczek/Hurliman, Stenstra/Doc.
Portals: 10. Rutsalainen (Marshon, Aaltonen/Power Play Goal) 1-0. 14. (13:49) MAYLARD (BOZONE, GINAZY) 1-1. 15. (14:48) Reytt (Gernat Fuchs) 1:2. 32. Meyer (Ange, Steiner) 2:2.
Penalty kicks: fail – , ryat 0: 1; Ruotsalainen -, Sekac -; Ang, fox -; Derungs -, Salomäki -; progress-.
punish: 4 times 2 minutes against Kloten, 2 times 2 minutes against Lausanne.
PostFinance top scorer: Aaltonen; sicak.
balls: Metsola. Reinbacher, Kellenberger; Nodary, Steiner. Randiger, Beltones; Childish. Marchon, Aaltonen, Rotsalainen; Ange, Phil, Ramil; Meyer, Ness, Derings; Obrist, Lindemann, Losley; Simic.
Lausanne: Loricainine. granat, grits; Glauser, Genazy; Jelovac, Marty; Holdner, Seidler. boson, jagger, rafel; ryat, fox, sikak; Hughley, Millard, Almond; Kennes, Odette, Salomaki.
comments: Kloten without Jordan Bouguereau, Kabul, Dostoynov, Reisen, Schmaltz, Zurkirchen (all injured), Ecstal Johnson (ill), Lausanne without Emerton, Heldner, Krakauskas, Pedretti (all injured), Calov and Kovacs (both additional foreigners).

Lugano – serve 4: 3 nP

Despite being behind twice (1:2 and 2:3), HC Lugano defeated the leader Geneva Servette 4:3 after a penalty shootout. The match was 3:3 after 36 minutes; In the last 29 minutes before the penalty shootout, there was no goal. On the other hand, the penalty shootout presented a rare spectacle: Lugano took five penalties (of seven) against goalkeeper Gauthier Deslo. Servette took the lead three times in the penalty shootout, Henrik Tommernes used two penalties, but the leader lost in the end.

Lugano – Geneva – Servette 4: 3 (1: 1, 2: 2, 0: 0, 0: 0) nP
4713 spectators. Wigan/Kolmüller, Fox/Ghonemy.
Portals: 15. Car (Guerra, Zanetti) 1-0. 17. Vilbola (Tomirense, Hartikainen / Power Play goal) 1: 1. 21. (20:51) Prablan (Tomirense, Amarak / V5 for 3) 1: 2. 23. Fazzini 2-2. 31 Smirnov (Prablan, Vilbula) 2: 3. 37. Alatalo (Granlund, Marco Müller / Powerplay target) 3: 3. Penalties: Winnick 0: 1, Müller 1: 1; Hartikainen 1-2, Vazini 2-2; Omark -, Granlund -; Tomernes 2:3, Carr-; Prablan-, Bennett 3:3; Vuzini 4:3, Tomrns 4:4; Granlund 5: 4, Hartikainen -.
punish: 4 times 2 minutes each.
PostFinance top scorer: Granlund; Omark.
Lugano: couskins. Alatalo, Clock; Riva, Mirko Müller; Anderson, Guerra; villa; Bennett, Marco Müller, Granlund; Carr, Thorkoff, Buttrey; Vizzini, Moreni, Joseph; Walker, Herberger, Zanetti; Tanner.
Geneva Servet: deluxe. Shanton, Tomris; Jacquemet, Ovito; Carrier, Fenick; Simmons. Bablan, Vilbola, Smirnov; Miranda, Richard, Bertagia; Hartikainen, Jooris, Omark; Antonetti, Cavalieri, Vibeger.
comments: Logano without Arcobello, Connolly-Wolf (all injured), Geneva Servette without Berthon, Le Coulter, Maurer, Meyer, Rudd, Vollmin (all injured), Pouliot (sick) and Vatanen (foreign excess).

Ajoie – SCL Tigers 1-0

Damiano Ciaccio “hauled” HC Ajoie to a 1-0 home win over the SCL Tigers with 37 saves. The only goal of the evening was scored by Guillaume Aslin in the 36th minute after a mistake by Langnau goalkeeper Luca Bolzhauser (19 saves), who allowed a cross. The fact that Ciaccio of all people screwed up Langnauer’s game must have hurt Emmental. Ciaccio played in Emmental from 2014 to 2020, he was a hero and remains a cult figure in Langnau. Agoye’s winning goal was the Jurassic team’s first goal after 103 minutes in a 4-0 defeat against Davos.

Langnaus Nolan Diem, left, and Ajoie guard Damiano Ciaccio, right, react after a fall during the National Ice Hockey League championship game between HC Ajoie and SCL Tige...

The Tigers suffered a bitter defeat against Agwe.Photo: Cornerstone

Ajoie – SCL Tigers 1-0 (0-0, 1-0, 0-0).
4455 spectators. SR Tscherrig / Dipietro, Stalder / Kehrli.
Goal: 36. Asselin (Brennan) 1-0.
punish: 3 times 2 minutes against Ajoie, 1 time 2 plus 5 minutes (Schilt) against SCL Tigers. PostFinance top scorer: Asselin; the people.
ajoy: Ciaccio. Pellett, Brennan; Royler, Romaninghi; Bierbaum, Hauert; thirty; Sciaroni, Macquat, Reto Schmutz; Backus, Frossard, Deerings; Aslin, Gauthier, Voilamuz; Huber, Garcus, Arnold; Charcoal flame.
SCL Tigers: Bolzhauser. libisto, chelts; Saarijärvi, Ernie; Zried, Guggenheim; Kadunao. Rossi, Holmström, people; Rohrbach, Eiken, Flavio Dirt; Labinskis, Diem, Douai; Berger, Neuschwander, and Weibel; salt giver.
comments: Agui without Bozon, DeVos, Fay, Gauthier-Leduc, Pouilly (all injured) and Hazen (suspended), SCL Tiger without Eschbach (ill), Michaelis, Sarela (both injured), Eagle and Raoto (both extra foreigners). SCL Tigers from 58:39 without a goalkeeper.

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SCRJ Lakers 6-2 Burn

The Bern Ice Skating Club delivered the most surprising result of the evening. In SCB, everything that could go wrong is currently going wrong. The Bernese were trailing 0:5 after two-thirds at Rapperswil-Jona Lakers, and they lost 2:6 in the end.

Of the last 14 rounds, there have been only three SCB wins. However, the Bernese, led by head coach Tony Soderholm, are putting up a similarly lousy streak as in the last two very disappointing seasons, in which SCB was only able to celebrate two victories in 14 rounds.

In the table, the Bernese Islands are still ranked 8. And Kloten, which is ranked below the line, has only two points less than SCB.

Rapperswil's Nando Eggenberger, left, against Bern's Christian Benana, in the National League ice hockey match between Rapperswil-Jona Lakers and SC Bern, on Friday, February 24, 2023, in ...

Nando Eggenberger from Rapperswil duel with Christian Benana from Bern (right).Photo: Cornerstone

Rapperswil-Jona Lakers – Bern 6: 2 (2: 0, 3: 0, 1: 2).
5652 spectators. Heibesen/Nord, Cattaneo/Gurtner.
Portals: 12. Albrecht (Powerplay goal) 1: 0. 14. Wyck (Dünner, Eggenberger) 2: 0. 22. Weather (Moy) 3-0. 30. Eggenberger 4-0. 37. Eggenberger (Noreau, Cajka) 5:0. 42. Mika Henauer (Lindberg, DiDomenico) 5:1. 44- Eggenberger 6:1. 52. Scherwey (Loeffel, Vermin) 6:2.
punish: 3 times 2 minutes against Rapperswil – Jonah Lakers, 2 times 2 minutes against Bern.
PostFinance top scorer: Cervenka. De Dominico.
Rapperswil-Jona Lakers: Niffler. Noro, Meyer; Abisher, Dejos. Provico, Jordan; Fuardo. Aberge, Rho, Cervenka; Moy, Albrecht, and Whittier; Lammer, Kajka, Eggenberger; Wick, Thinner, Forrer.
Bern: Wuthrich (34 Manzato); Loeffel, Zgraggen; Golubev, Colin Gerber; Benana, Pete Gerber; Mika Henauer DiDomenico, Sever, Lindberg; Moser, Cahoon, Ennis; Vermin, Badr, Shiroi; Fahreny, Baumgartner, Reitzmann; foot.
comments: Rapperswil-Jonah Lakers without Elsner, Jensen, Schroeder and Zaneger (all injured), Byrne without Untersander (ill), Parchi, Gelinas and Lehmann (all injured) and Karonen and Teves (both extra foreigners).