July 17, 2024

‘Ice-Eyed Angels’ Amanda Knox talks about her miscarriage

‘Ice-Eyed Angels’ Amanda Knox talks about her miscarriage

Amanda Knox lost her baby last year. The Ice-Eyed Angel believes that “something could have happened to her” in Italy.

The basics in brief

  • Amanda Knox reveals: “I had a miscarriage.”
  • In her podcast, the Once-Convicted Killer talks about the loss.
  • She thinks something happened to her in prison in Italy.

Amanda Knox, 33, and her husband, Christopher Robinson, are trying to have children. It was last year “Angel with Ice Eyes” pregnant too. But six weeks later, the shocking news came: she had lost her baby.

“It did not grow. She openly said in her podcast, she no longer has a heartbeat. Then the doctors prescribed an abortion pill. It was a “terrible torment”.

The once-convicted murderer reported “abdominal pains she had never experienced before”. “I was shivering,” she says.

Amanda Knox: “Did something happen to me in Italy?”

After the miscarriage, Amanda wondered if “something happened to her” in Italy that was causing her fertility problems. Do you indicate when she was imprisoned? not clear. However, Amanda mentioned in her book “Waiting to be heard” Sexual harassment of a guard.

Despite the agonizing loss, Amanda and her husband Christopher are trying to have a baby again. But Knox finds it difficult. “Why isn’t my body just working?” sighs.

The story of “Maly Knoxi” – As Amanda was called in the papers – the world went around. In 2007, she received an award killing Her roommate Meredith Kercher (21) was convicted in Italy. She was behind bars for four years until she was acquitted in 2011.

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