I love Moscow: The British Embassy employee in Berlin is a spy for Russia?

James Bond will have to intervene here: an employee of the British Embassy in Berlin has been arrested on suspicion of being an agent. He is said to have provided Russian intelligence with information in exchange for money. The arrest of the 57-year-old can be seen in London police videos.

This issue is also causing an uproar in Germany, said Christopher Berger, a spokesman for the German Foreign Ministry: “We take the allegations that the intelligence activities of the detainee were carried out on behalf of a Russian intelligence service very seriously. A close ally in Germany we cannot accept the soil, so we will pursue investigations The Federal Prosecutor closely.

Officials from the Federal Criminal Police Office arrested the alleged spy in Potsdam on Tuesday. In addition, the home and workplace were searched.

There is still no information on how much money this person received for these documents or how sensitive the documents are. But this, of course, puts a strain on relations between the UK and Russia – a relationship that has been strained for several years.

It would also strain relations between Germany and Russia, of all things in the federal election campaign.

007 – Take over!

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