September 30, 2023

I hope Alpine Ski Wildsteig Andrea Filser will go to the World Cup race in Killington

I hope Alpine Ski Wildsteig Andrea Filser will go to the World Cup race in Killington

Alpine skiing: Wildsteiger confidently looks forward to the World Cup races in Killington

Perhaps an 18th place in Levi’s slalom was the first spark. Anyway, SV Wildsteig’s Andrea Filser is looking forward to outdoor racing in the US.

Wildstage – Several decisions in the Alpine World Cup are currently hundreds of hundreds of excitement. Andrea Vilser felt this again in Levi (Finland). While luck was not on her side on the first day, as before in Lech, she managed to turn the tables in the second race, which she dealt with with great concentration, and with the eighteenth place and great moments she was in the lead area, in which she was the leader, and she allowed Have her sit for a few minutes and be rewarded.

Alpine skiing: In Levi, Andrea Vilser scored her first World Cup points in 2020

He looked really enchanted. In the parallel competition in Lech, the rider from SV Wildsteig would lose one hundredth of a second to reach the final. Last Saturday at Levi’s, 30th place in the first round was just three hundred away from qualifying for the final contest. “With this narrow result, you can really look for those hundreds anywhere,” Vilser says. Mentally, this is not easy. It’s so easy to think and crazy. “So it was very important for me to focus only on my strengths,” the 28-year-old said, laying out her recipe against hundreds of blues. Of course, it also helped to remember the positive feelings she had about the location of the race in Finland. In November 2012 she made her World Cup debut in Levi’s, and at the end of November 2020 she scored World Cup points there for the first time in seven long years. “These are fond memories, which is why I always look forward to the races.”

Last Saturday, my anger over missing out on the second round overwhelmed me with the joy of the Lina Dor podium. “We are roommates, and it was good to be happy for them from the bottom of my heart,” Wildsteiger stated.

Alpine skiing: In Levi’s slalom, Andrea Felser was allowed into the lead for a few minutes

All these positive vibrations made it easy for Filser to simply trust himself the next day and start the first round at full speed. The hundred luck was on her side this time around, at the same time as her teammate Jessica Helzinger qualified for the second round at 29th. “The second run was really fun, because I was able to show my performance right from the start.” In the end, the number “1” lit up, and with it the athletic soldier took her place in the leaderboard. “This is the culmination of a good career and feels good,” she said of the spirited moments at the place of honor.

Alpine skiing: Filser starts giant slalom on Saturday and slalom on Sunday

In the end, Filser was behind Dor, who finished third on the podium, the second best of four German girls in the final, achieved her best World Cup result so far with 18th and traveled feeling good to Killington in the USA. in Vermont (about 150 kilometers northeast of Boston). There is a giant slalom on Saturday and slalom on Sunday. “I’m looking forward to the two races,” Vilser says, and hopes this time around will have hundreds of thrillers—if there’s one more—a happy ending to it. Catherine Ibn Houch

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