Hypnosis: useful in treating these diseases

Hypnosis has long been a proven tool in psychotherapy. It has now been proven that it can also help with physical ailments.

Hypnosis can help treat symptoms by moving the subconscious mind. – deposit

The basics in brief

  • The effect of hypnosis has been scientifically recognized since 2006.
  • Studies have shown that hypnosis reduces physical pain.

The first major field of application of hypnosis was and still is the treatment of psychological problems. Since the normal mind is largely closed in a trance, other areas such as the subconscious mind can be activated.

The direct path to the brain

The therapist hypnotist has a direct effect on these areas of the brain. It can be reprogrammed to some extent. In this way, people are freed from irrational fears and limitations and can free themselves from addiction. Hypnosis has proven itself many times for smokers who want to finally get rid of their nicotine addiction.

Hypnosis can help break addictive behaviors. – deposit

It has also been proven that hypnosis can help you lose weight. In this condition, the areas of the brain that crave constant caloric rewards are manipulated. This makes it easier for those affected to eat only solid meals and then eat smaller portions of healthy foods.

Hypnosis for physical ailments

The pain itself cannot be cured. But in trance, pain perception can be affected. This has been shown to be particularly helpful in dealing with chronic pain patients. They take relief from their discomfort because their brain perceives the pain as less intense.

Through the use of hypnosis, pain perception can be affected. – deposit

Dental practices have been successful in using hypnosis in their practices for some time. Here it has a double effect: first of all, it removes the fear of actual treatment from anxious and nervous patients. When this starts, it relieves the pain that is already occurring.

Hypnosis is also an effective pain relief method for frequent tension headaches and migraines. In a trance-like state, the overstimulated areas of the brain rest and can relax again.

It is used during pregnancy

More and more women are approaching pregnancy with hypnotherapy. Some use them early in pregnancy to relieve morning sickness. It can also help ease any worries about the future.

Through hypnotic trance, the practitioner can gain direct access to specific areas of the brain. – deposit

The most common is hypnosis during preparation for childbirth. In trance, childbirth takes place several times with different scenarios. Because the brain can thus adapt to the unfamiliar state of fear, women are less stressed and anxious. When the time is already right, the brain learns about the situation and can better react accordingly.

Only allow hypnosis to be performed by professionals

Theoretically, a person could call himself a hypnotist and put others into a trance. These hypnosis shows have been around for centuries. However, only trained medical professionals should be chosen for physical or psychological treatment.

The number of women treated with hypnotherapy during pregnancy is constantly increasing. – deposit

On the one hand, they know how far they can go with the proposal. On the other hand, they can react professionally if, for example, unpleasant memories appear under hypnosis for the first time in many years.

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