June 24, 2024

Hydrogen is better for Germany than LNG

Hydrogen is better for Germany than LNG

OTTAWA, Aug 20 (Reuters) – A supply of green hydrogen is a better aid to Germany than building LNG terminals on Canada’s Atlantic coast, a Canadian minister said. The cost of transporting gas from Alberta in western Canada to the east coast will be too high, Canada’s natural resources minister said Thursday. A new pipeline is also needed. “We’re working our way through these questions. But I would say the big opportunity on the East Coast is hydrogen.”

Canada is set to become one of Germany’s most reliable suppliers of green hydrogen. Wilkinson said the deal would accelerate hydrogen exports from the East Coast by 2025. But as President Olaf Scholes visits the G7 state, questions must also be raised about whether Canada will be able to deliver urgently needed LNG gas through terminals on the Atlantic coast.

Canada – Hydrogen is better for Germany than LNG

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