June 20, 2024

Hurricane Ian!  Pirates in Danger vs Kansas City Chiefs - NFL Florida

Hurricane Ian! Pirates in Danger vs Kansas City Chiefs – NFL Florida

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ game against the Kansas City Chiefs is in jeopardy. Hurricane Ian from the Caribbean approaches the southeast coast of the United States. Parts of Florida have already been evacuated. The NFL is still waiting to see how some games will be handled.

NFL Executive Vice President Jeff Miller provides an update on where the Buccaneers vs. No decision has been made yet, but an alternative site is already available.

Pirates vs. Presidents: An alternate location for US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis

“Until we know more about the storm, it will be difficult to make a decision,” Miller said, according to MMQB’s Albert Brier.

This week, the Bucs moved their practice to Miami. If the hurricane affects the weekend’s game, it will not be played in Miami, although the Dolphins do play in Cincinnati on Thursday. According to Ben Fisher of the Sports Business Journal, the NFL said the U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis should serve as an alternative location.

Nothing is currently happening at the current location, but that could change with the storm. Miller said it was a “literal assessment minute by minute, hour by hour.”

The eye of Hurricane Ian is heading toward Florida as a catastrophic storm surges in. The storm is currently a Category 4 hurricane with maximum winds of 150 mph, dangerously close to Category 5 strength, according to the latest update from the National Hurricane Center.

Hurricane Ian:

Hurricane Ian will be one of the deadliest hurricanes to ever hit Florida. At about 240 km/h, a hurricane is just below the highest category hurricane. Experts warn of floods in Florida. Residents were warned not to leave their homes. United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres described Hurricane Ian as “another example of dramatic climate activism”.

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