Hundreds of mass graves of children discovered again in Canada

More than 750 unidentified graves have been discovered again at a site near a former Catholic boarding school for Aboriginal children. This was announced by the head of the original Koes community, Cadmus Delorme, on Thursday.

At the end of May, the remains of 215 Aboriginal children were discovered on the grounds of the former Catholic boarding school near the small town of Kamloops in British Columbia. This caused shock across the country, and UN human rights experts called for a thorough explanation of the background. “It’s very painful news that exposes old wounds,” Berry Bellegard, the country’s top representative of the indigenous peoples, wrote on Twitter over the weekend.

The Kamloops boarding school operated between 1890 and 1978 and served as a so-called residential school – a kind of re-education camp for the sons and daughters of Canadian citizens. The children are officially missing, but those in the area near the town of Kamloops, British Columbia, feared the worst in years.

“Nobody talked about it, but we all doubt what happened,” Rosanne Casimir, leader of the Kamloops Indigenous group, said at a weekend press conference. These obsessions are now confirmed.” Boys and girls died β€œan unimaginable loss.” Some of them lived only three years, according to Casimir. What and when they died remains unclear.

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