December 3, 2023

Hundreds of Austrians are calling for Chancellor Kurz to resign

Hundreds of Austrians are calling for Chancellor Kurz to resign

In front of the ÖVP headquarters, protesters called for Chancellor Kurz’s resignation on suspicion of corruption. The organizers are talking about 7,000 participants.

The basics in brief

  • Over a thousand people protested against Chancellor Kurz in Austria.
  • Because of corruption allegations, they are demanding his resignation.
  • Organizers are thanking 7,000 participants, and police say as many as 1,200.

Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP) is back again At the focus of JustyNS. Austrian chancellor suspected of corruption. He gave up his office But he doesn’t want to, he said on Wednesday. But this is exactly what hundreds of Austrians are demanding.

Therefore, left-wing parties and organizations called for the adoption of one proof In front of ÖVP . headquarters employment. Socialist Youth (SJ), who was one of the organizers, talks about 7,000 participants, and the police from 1,000 to 1,200. They were on site with a large unit, and there were no “police related incidents,” she tweeted.

Protesters chanted “Down with ÖVP” and had posters with them. The implication was clear: Chancellor Kurz must resign. Many also demanded his imprisonment. “Every day that Kurz remains Federal Chancellor hurts democracy more,” says SJ.

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