June 19, 2024

Hulkenberg disappointed after qualifying for Formula 1 Canada: Everything went wrong!

Nico Hülkenberg starts the Formula 1 race in Canada from only 18th place. For the Haas driver, Saturday was over after Q1. The reason for leaving has already been covered in training sessions. Of these, Germany was unable to cope with the VF-24. The cause was identified as the rear wing, which was replaced before qualifying – for the second time that day.

“We switched to a rear wing of the same specification, but again to have a scaled load,” Hulkenberg said. The first exchange was carried out before FP3, and then revised. “That’s why today (Saturday) we changed the rear wing to spec with more downforce before qualifying.”

Nico Hulkenberg: Rear wing throws a spanner in the works for Haas

But the VF-24’s take-off from Hulkenberg was delayed as everything went wrong with the replacement of the rear wing. “As a result, our whole running plan got a little bit derailed. So we were behind schedule and it became busy and hectic,” he recounted the aftermath.

This affected, among other things, tire manufacturing. “I had a slow lap before my last lap,” the Haas driver continued. In Montreal, many teams relied on two cooldown laps in one hot lap to get the tires in the right temperature window. “Because of the minimal lap time, we couldn’t cool them down enough,” Hulkenberg said.

This turned the spiral of problems for him further and further. No perfect timing, no good tire preparation and eventually he ran into Yuki Tsunoda’s VCARB-01 on his decisive fastest lap at the last chicane. It’s not close enough to be classified as blocking, but close enough to be in the air Haas’.

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Haas driver Nico Hulkenberg
Nico Hülkenberg in F1 qualifying in Canada, Photo: LAT Images

Canada GP starts on wrong foot: Hulkenberg unlucky

“We’re off with all that,” he said angrily. “The whole weekend was tough, it didn’t go according to plan – quite the opposite.” Haas team leader Ayao Komatsu defended his driver due to the situation. “Nico started off on the wrong foot this weekend and the changes we made came a bit late. That’s why he couldn’t show his potential,” said the Japanese.

But problems and a poor starting position aside, Hulkenberg is not too optimistic about Sunday’s ninth race of the 2024 Formula 1 season. “The speed of my clean car is not like a fairy tale. I think we need luck because of the circumstances, maybe the weather will help us,” he said calmly, assessing his chances in the race.

Even with Kevin Magnussen out of Q2: we’re good, whatever

For teammate Kevin Magnussen, qualifying went a little better. The Dane reached Q2 where he was unable to pass P14. This was due to a bad decision in Haas due to uncertain weather conditions. “We thought the rain would come in Q2, so I went out with a new set of tires at the start,” he explained of the calculation. But with no rain, Haas was left with used tires as track conditions improved.

His outlook for the race couldn’t be more inconsistent with that of his teammate: “The long run was decent, even though it was dry and we don’t know what the weather will do tomorrow. But whatever happens we have to be good.”

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