December 10, 2023

Huge Easter Deals on Amazon: Fire TV Stick and More Up to 50 (!) Cheaper - Cinema News

Huge Easter Deals on Amazon: Fire TV Stick and More Up to 50 (!) Cheaper – Cinema News

Easter time is bargain time — and of course at Amazon, too. Currently, you can save a lot on your internal Fire TV devices, making it easier for you to stream movies and series.


Retailers like Amazon like to use the holidays to get away with specials. This is no different when Easter approaches. The shipping giant is now dropping all kinds of attractive deals up front. For fans of movies and series who want to get the most out of their streaming subscriptions NetflixAnd the Disney + or too Amazon Prime Video Want to get out, the provider’s little streaming assistants are well worth a look.

The shows are particularly suitable for those who previously relied entirely on the Smart TV functionality of their TV to test how much streaming sticks and cubes could make the experience easier. And devices from Amazon themselves can certainly compete with manufacturers like Google and Apple. In addition, many other internal products (from tablets to speakers) are also significantly reduced. An overview of all Amazon devices running can be found here:

» Amazon devices are for sale*

The broadcast tool is available in different versions as needed. The Fire TV Stick Lite, which is now available for €19.99 (instead of the usual €29.99), is recommended for beginners. For just three euros, you can also confidently choose the non-lightweight version, which offers greater ease of use with practical TV control buttons. Meanwhile, the stick variants of 4K resolution have more to offer, with which you can save half in the standard version:

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» Fire TV Stick 4K on Amazon*

Also 50 percent cheaper is the most powerful “all-in-one” home cinema currently from the Fire TV series, which shouldn’t leave any streaming desires unfulfilled. You can currently get the Fire TV Cube for an unbeatable €59.99:

» Fire TV Cube on Amazon*

This is why broadcast assistants are so worthwhile

The Amazon Fire TV Stick (with all its variants) provides a remedy for basic equipment failures for many TV manufacturers — and offers fast, uncomplicated access to a myriad of streaming apps, which you can switch between with ease.

And Alexa voice control makes browsing Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney + and Co. Especially convenient, which puts an end to unbridled searches with the remote control. In addition, devices can now also have the best quality and deliver Dolby Atmos sound and 4K Ultra HD pictures including HDR or HDR10+.

You can find an overview of what individual devices and those that meet your requirements can do in the following article, in which we compare Amazon’s best sellers with Google Chromecast and Apple TV, among others:

Amazon, Google and Apple: the best streaming tools in comparison

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