February 28, 2024

Huawei's Harmony OS challenges the architecture of new Google apps

Huawei’s Harmony OS challenges the architecture of new Google apps

Huawei’s Harmony OS has been running on several devices since the beginning of June. Now Google apparently thwarts the company’s plans.

The basics in brief

  • With Harmony OS, Huawei wants to make itself completely independent from Android soon.
  • However, Google no longer wants to sell Android apps as APK files in the future.
  • However, this should not be a problem for the Huawei operating system.

Because of US sanctions Huawei Google services for smartphones are still not accessible. With your operating system Harmony OS wants a version smart phone– Make the product standalone now. For applications Huawei But it still depends on APK files, which Google now wants to crush.

Harmony OS is supposed to keep Huawei running

Google only in the future FigsAccepting apps in the Play Store that depend on Google services. Huawei However, do not bother with this change, on the contrary. According to Wan Chenglu, Head of Software Department, Figsapps too Harmony OS is running.

As Chenglu explains to “Global Times”, FigsThe architecture is the same as Atomic Services from Harmony OS. For example, applications can also run without installation.

Changing the Google app could have bigger consequences

It is unclear to what extent Huawei’s statement is actually true. There has already been confusion about the new OS from China in the past. However, Google’s new application format not only affects a file smart phoneproducers. So it is currently unclear how this change will affect windows 11 will affect which Android App Support.

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