April 22, 2024

HSV: Fiete Arp: In Canada, I just stared at the trees after landing - 2nd Bundesliga

HSV: Fiete Arp: In Canada, I just stared at the trees after landing – 2nd Bundesliga

Viet Arp (21 years old) was considered the talent of the century at HSV. When he was 17 years old, he made his debut in the German Bundesliga. With his move to Bayern Munich (25 million salary for five years) he was financially secure – however life has not been easy for the striker.

He did a great interview on “11Freunde”.

Fiete Arp about:

His last disappointing season with HSV before moving to Bayern Munich. “It was difficult. It left me carefree, also happiness, flow, and then self-confidence. At one point I thought too much. How bad I think about football is. In the end, my head stuck to my legs.”

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Going down with HSV. “My generation in Hamburg grew up with the fact that we were never relegated. I always said it with pride, I was still in the penalty area in the relegation against Karlsruhe the year before and was annoyed with the players’ performance. And then I will be part of the team that goes down with the club for the first time. For me it felt like I had been relegated twice: as a fan and as a player.”

In 2019, Viet Arp moved to Bayern for €3 million. Prior to that, he scored four goals in 38 matches with HSVPhoto: Sven Hoebe / D

pressure afterwards. I did not leave my parents’ house for two days, but lay with the curtains under the covers. Then I said: It doesn’t matter. I booked a trip to Canada. The next day it started. When I got there, I sat alone in a forest house, stared at the trees and wondered what really went wrong. That was nice.”

Moving to Munich. “Only months later my consultant told me about Munich’s interest. And I didn’t really want to move to Munich at the time. But Bayern did not give up. At the same time, HSV went deeper and deeper into the basement, and I no longer played a role under new coach Bernd Hollerbach, On top of that HSV told me that my sale would fill one financial gap or another. In the end, there was a disparity in my view: I would have sent Bayern out for HSV. But I felt HSV was no longer sending the right signals.”

His time with Bayern Munich. “Most of the time it wasn’t enough, I don’t have to lie to myself. But sometimes there were moments where I realized I could keep up. Put a dribble against Süle, Kimmich stole the ball, and I give a new one. But overall, those moments were extremely rare. “.

His new start in Kiel. “Frankly: nothing against the city or the club, but I already saw myself in Meppen. Kiel is not my salvation but six in the lottery.”

financial problems. “You can feel lonely even with a lot of money. But don’t let me say. If I say, I feel bad, I have trouble sleeping or I’m weak, then it means: Yes, but he makes a lot of money … “

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