May 22, 2024

How Xbox One lost to Playstation 4

In a recent interview with the American podcast “Kinda Funny Games”, Xbox chief Phil Spencer talked about, among other things, past failures. Based on the failure of Redfall, the Xbox exclusive vampire shooter, describing how the Xbox One lost the battle against the Playstation 4.

Apologize for the exclusive title that was panned by fans and the press and explain what Microsoft needs to do to catch up with Sony. As the “Standard” writes, Xbox One has lost the technical change in game purchases. At the same time, Sony was going to connect players to the Playstation by building its own digital ecosystem.

Spencer explains that so many games have been bought that switching to another show is difficult and unlikely. No one wants to leave such a library behind, he understands that too. “We need to get more involved with the games that became part of Xbox during production,” he analyzed. With the announcement of the space adventure “Starfield”, it is promised that it will do a much better job than “Redfall”.

Microsoft has been making headlines for quite some time due to the planned acquisition of Activision-Blizzard. The American group of games owns franchises that are popular all over the world, such as the world of “Diablo” or “Warcraft”. However, UK antitrust authorities still blocked the process due to concerns about distorting competition.