April 22, 2024

How to cancel late delivery

How to cancel late delivery

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If the delivery is delayed, the purchase contract can be canceled. Photo: Kristen Klose / dpa-tmn

(Photo: dpa)

This can be done even before the goods are finally received, explains the Consumer Advice Center in North Rhine-Westphalia This can be done before the goods are finally received, as the Consumer Center North Rhine-Westphalia (VZ NRW) explains. If the sellers inform us in time that the declared delivery date will be significantly delayed, the customers will not have to abide by the purchase contract.

Reflection paves the way for alternatives

After cancellation, the contract must be rescinded, according to consumer advocates. This gives those affected the opportunity to look for alternatives, for example a coupon, or to get merchandise in traditional stores.

If you want to cancel your purchase contract, you can use the form provided by the merchant, for example. Alternatively, VZ NRW also offers one message form to cancel.

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Bottlenecks call for questionable traders on the scene

In this context, the Consumer Advice Center warns of questionable providers who can take advantage of the tense situation: if products with delivery bottlenecks suddenly become cheap on the Internet, caution is advised.

Consumers should then carefully check the seriousness of these merchants. It might be, for example, that these suppliers send in lower quality goods or charge shipping, customs and returns fees separately, to warn consumer advocates.

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Information on canceling sales contracts

Sample cancellation letter from the consumer center