October 5, 2023

How RWE is driving the hydrogen business

How RWE is driving the hydrogen business

Dr. Sopna Sury, CEO of hydrogen operations at RWE Generation SE, has great ambitions to develop the hydrogen business.
Photo: Imago

Sopna Sury leads RWE’s hydrogen strategy. The company aims for massive expansion in the field of business. An important intermediate step has been reached with the first electrolysis testing facility.

sNobody in RWE has as many balls in the air at the same time as Sopna Sury. When counting, the Hydrogen Head comes up with at least 30 projects in Germany, the Netherlands and Great Britain, and dozens of partners are involved. It is about new technologies for electrolysis, transmission pipelines, financing terms and of course the industrial customers that the energy giant wants to sell green gas to as soon as possible. The threads gather at Sury’s office on the RWE campus in Essen. For a year and a half she has been organizing the Hydrogen Strategy, which marks the beginning of the next phase of RWE’s energy transition.

There are no beta values, a lot of it is in its infancy, and just about everything is in motion. “We are still in the very early stages, where we were almost with renewable energies ten or fifteen years ago. At that time also, everyone asked themselves how it could work – and it started working,” says the director. RWE created its hydrogen board division from scratch in order to coordinate a wide range of gas-related activities. Produced using wind and solar energy, green carbon-free hydrogen will play a major role in climate protection and thus in the transformation of RWE.

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