February 28, 2024

How is Uniper UK inspiring the next generation?

Young authors

In 2022, Uniper also led an exciting project to encourage girls to explore STEM at school through books written by their classmates. The books consist of personal short stories written by two young authors and the daughters of Uniper employees.

The girls worked on their books for a year and tried to bring their stories to life through drawings. The goal was to inspire young people to choose a MINT career path in the future. Printed copies of her books The Journey and The Pool Party are distributed to primary schools across the UK and are on display at the British Library in London.

Uniper MINT Ambassadors presented the final books to young authors. There are currently around 30 STEM Ambassadors in the UK. Her classmates also participated in an interactive STEM activity about the future of energy.


Some of our operating sites also work with schools in the relevant local community or hold local events in MINT areas. In September 2022, the Cottam Development Center (CDC) invited children of employees to a site tour of the power plant led by two CDC engineers. There they were able to discover for themselves how to generate the electricity they use at home and how many resources are required. Two engineering students and Uniper alumni gave an interesting presentation on electricity generation. In an interactive session, the children were also able to generate hydrogen themselves from wind energy and then use the hydrogen to power an electric car – a great opportunity to show how we can generate electricity in a climate-neutral way in the future. They also get an insight into what they can work on in their future career.

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These are just a few examples of the activities Uniper is running in the UK to inspire more young people, especially women and girls, to explore and pursue STEM careers. Similar activities are carried out at all Uniper sites.

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