December 3, 2023

How does espionage work and who is the victim?

How does the program work and who is the victim?

The latest developments

Using the Israeli Pegasus surveillance program, several countries have apparently spied on hundreds of journalists, human rights activists, opposition politicians and businessmen.

Pegasus monitoring software is used to spy on cell phones.

Karen Hoover / NZ

The latest developments

  • The appointed head of the NSO Group is leaving the company just two weeks after his appointment. On October 31, the company announced that Isaac Benbenisti would take over the CEO role from co-founder Shalev Hulio. The company confirmed Thursday, November 11, the withdrawal of Benbenisti. The reason was said to have been cited by the trade sanctions imposed by the United States at the beginning of November. Benbenetti came to NSO Group just three months ago.
  • Facebook’s claim against the NSO Group must be re-evaluatedn. This was ruled by a US court of second instance on Monday, October 8, after the lower court rejected the complaint. Facebook, now known as Meta, took legal action against NSO in October 2019 because the Pegasus spyware was installed on mobile phones via a Whatsapp vulnerability. The NSO Group wanted to dismiss the lawsuit on the grounds that it had acted on behalf of governments and thus enjoyed immunity. The first instance judge in Oakland, California must now handle the lawsuit again.
  • After several months of silence, a high-ranking politician in the Hungarian government admitted that the European country’s Ministry of the Interior had purchased the controversial Israeli spyware Pegasus. The attacks carried out with the help of Pegasus were all in accordance with the law and approved by judges or the Ministry of Justice, Chairman of the Parliamentary Defense and Home Affairs Committee Lagos Kousa said Thursday, November 4th in Budapest. Previously, Interior Minister Sandor Pinter was questioned on a panel about the use of the software.
  • The company behind the controversial Pegasus surveillance program has been blacklisted by the United States. This decision by the Biden government will make it difficult for the Israeli NSO Group to access American technology in the future. The Ministry of Commerce justifies the decision On Wednesday, November 3, Pegasus was used to maliciously monitor “officials, journalists, businessmen, activists, scientists and embassy staff.” This enables “transnational repression”. to report
  • In Germany, in addition to the police, the Federal Intelligence Service (BND) also used the Pegasus spy program. This is the result of joint research by Zeit, Sueddeutsche Zeitung, West Deutscher Rundfunks and Nord Deutscher Rundfunks, published on Friday, October 8. chest had become. According to “Zeit”, the Chancellery approved the operation. It is not known how and where the BND uses the Pegasus abroad. Neither the German Federal Intelligence Service nor the Chancellery wanted to comment on the media companies’ request.
  • The Emir of Dubai wanted to monitor the cell phone of his ex-wife Haja. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum attempted to use the Pegasus spyware to spy on mobile phones thus violating British laws and violating human rights, the High Court in London announced on Wednesday October 6th. In addition to his ex-wife, their lawyers and other staff members are said to have been affected.
  • Swiss authorities also used the controversial Pegasus spyware – and may still do so today. Several sources confirm to NZZ that it was used between summer 2017 and fall 2018. Numerous evidence strongly indicates that the program is still used by the federal government today. to report
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