June 24, 2024

How dangerous is Chinese Tiktok and how dangerous is it?

How dangerous is Chinese Tiktok and how dangerous is it?

For Brendan Carr, a senior official with the US Communications Commission, the FCC, it’s clear: In his eyes, the Tiktok video platform is an “unacceptable risk to national security.” Huge amounts of data are being collected, mainly from young users, which Beijing can access seemingly without censorship. So Apple and Google should get rid of Tiktok from their app stores, Recently a student.

The platform, which now has more than 1 billion monthly users worldwide, is owned by the Chinese group Bytedance. And while reliance on China is seen as one of the biggest political problems, the platform worries not only US FCC member Carr, but politicians from both major parties as well.

So far, the administration has used clever ostrich tactics to allow nearly all of the regulatory attacks to get through to anything, even if they come from the top: In September 2020, President Donald Trump issued a presidential order threatening to ban Tiktok from the United States. If the platform is not sold to a US company.

Bytedance seemed to follow at first. A sale to Oracle and Walmart, for example, has been under discussion. But after an injunction was issued against the order and a presidential election and a subsequent change of office took place, there was no longer talk of a sale.

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Last summer, Joe Biden rescinded his predecessor Trump’s TikTok order. He promised to conduct security checks for Tiktok and other apps from rival political nations. Nothing has happened yet.

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User data can still be accessed from China

Bytedance has put Tiktok’s business into its own section to make it appear more independent. In China itself, the short video app operates under the name Douyin. In July, Tiktok appointed a new director of global security to address US concerns.

In the US, the company is working to transfer sensitive data such as phone numbers from US users to its Oracle server in Texas, to which the Chinese will have only limited access. However, this will only affect a portion of the data. Even then, some Bytedance employees in China will still have access to the data, Tiktok chief Shou Zi Chew recently admitted in a letter to Republican senators.

Buzzfeed had a discussion with someone Report on Chinese employees’ frequent access to US user data Feed it again. In addition, at least part of the newly formed US data protection team is under the control of the Chinese headquarters, Buzzfeed wrote. It’s not that easy with class.

The question of how dangerous Chinese Tiktok is and how dangerous Tiktok is is now being discussed prominently in the United States once again. “Forbes” He recently evaluated the LinkedIn profiles of Bytedance and Tiktok employees They counted that 300 of them had previously worked for Chinese state media.

Senator Cruz calls TikTok a ‘Trojan horse for the Communist Party’

Bytedance’s example shows that complete separation within a group is unrealistic. A very useful example of the German economy, where the Chinese business is partially decoupled.

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User data is only one aspect of the debate. The other is the content that is favored by the Tiktok algorithm which is filtered. Republican Senator Ted Cruz, for example, describes TikTok as “a Trojan horse that the Chinese Communist Party can use to influence what Americans ultimately see, hear, and think.”

Pedestrians in front of Bytedance headquarters in Beijing

In the US, security concerns about the Tiktok app are getting higher again.

(Photo: AP)

In China itself, Bytedance had to disclose Douyin’s algorithm to the authorities. There is no talk of such a move towards Tiktok in the US. Now, however, there are calls for a new investigation by the Board of Trade.

In the UK, Prime Ministerial candidate Liz Truss has promised she will take on Tiktok and Bytedance, whatever her intent. India has already banned the app.

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And is it the biggest risk in the election campaign to abandon Tiktok as an advertising medium or use the platform because of the China connection? In any case, the head of the administration in the US House of Representatives warned last week that members of parliament should not download or use the app. Your office classifies Tiktok as a high risk due to privacy issues.

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