July 16, 2024

Hot weekends in August – Summer is back in full force – Meteo

Hot weekends in August – Summer is back in full force – Meteo


Summer languishes for about three weeks. This weekend he reported on all sides. It was about 34 degrees in Valais, and then thunderstorms blew again. The coming week will continue with heat and thunderstorms with no end in sight.

For about three weeks, until last Wednesday, summer north of the Alps was marked by relatively low temperatures and frequent rain. The low point was reached last Sunday when only 15 degrees was recorded as a daily high in Zurich. Since then, Summer’s Day has followed Summer’s Day in the Maitland district, and indeed the first hot days have been recorded again.


The Rift Zone on Saturday

The line of thunderstorms also caused heavy rain and thunderstorms in central Switzerland on Saturday afternoon.

Erin Rohner

Nearly 34 degrees on Saturday and over 30 degrees on Sunday

On Saturday, a thunderstorm slowly moved across the country from west to east, and in the evening and in the first half of the night another thunderstorm mainly rose over the Alps, but it was already hot again. The daily high in Sion was measured at 33.8 degrees, and a high of 32.8 degrees was also reached in Geneva. However, heat values ​​have also been reported from Chur and Delsberg and from several stations on the south side of the Alps. On Sunday it got hot again with lots of sunshine. By the afternoon, temperatures had risen again to more than 30°C, and nearly 32°C was measured in Geneva. Heavy thunderstorms are expected in the evening, especially over the Alps, as well as in the south.

View of Lake Lugano, ornamental cumulus clouds over the mountains.


Sun in Ticino

It was sunny and hot in Ticino at the weekend.

Heidi Ernie Labhart

46.8 degrees in Valencia, Spain

However, the renewed summer heat doesn’t come as a complete surprise. With the southwest current, hot, albeit sometimes humid air from the Iberian Peninsula is brought back to us. Spain is currently experiencing another heat wave. The temperatures have been hovering around 40 degrees for several days. On Thursday, it recorded 46.8 degrees in Valencia on the Mediterranean coast. It exceeded that old maximum by a whopping 3.4 degrees. However, western foehn influences have resulted in this extremely high local value.




And in Valencia, a new local temperature record of 46.8 degrees was set on Thursday

Facebook, archive photo

Summer is here to stay

Next week we will continue to heat up. Maximum temperatures are expected to reach 30 degrees by the end of next week. However, in combination with moisture, it often gets very wet. Severe thunderstorms are also likely here and there, especially on Monday. In general, thunderstorms should be expected again and again until Thursday, especially in the second half of the day, especially in the Alpine region. Given today’s weather models, we can only count on more stable weather on Friday and next weekend. Hence thunderstorms will be rare in the Alps. But it stays hot.

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