July 12, 2024

Hot week for the Castle Husky family

Hot week for the Castle Husky family

The table gives Kassel Huskies the next best games. The day starts against the 5th at Freiburg table (7:30 pm, ice skating rink).

Kassel – The points pad provides safety and the best of possibilities: “We now have a great opportunity to accelerate our self-confidence and score more wins,” said trainer Tim Keeler with a look at the DEL2 schedule of his strongest. After today’s match against Freiburg, Hesenderby is waiting in Frankfurt on Sunday, and Bad Tolls will finish third on Tuesday and next Friday alone against Bad Naheim. a look:

This is what Rion Moser says

“It’s going to be a hot and fun week,” says Rion Moser. The winner of the last game against Heilbronn “loves challenges like these against the big teams much more than the games against the defensive basement kids” – and ice hockey generally on the big European rooftops.

“As a good skater, space is good for me, which feels great,” says the intelligent 28-year-old. And that he can now play the center of attack again as he did in the past with the youth, instead of playing abroad like last year, “makes everything better.” Even if there are three centers currently available, “Overtime workload is not a problem. It gives me more Ice Age and more fun.”

Moser’s grandparents once immigrated to Canada from a small town in Bavaria (“I’ve never been there before”). From college in Lethbridge in Southern Alberta, he came straight to Europe in 2018 – to Freiburg – without going through AHL or ECHL. “But the team has changed a lot since then, and I’ve only contacted the assistant coach of the day, Russell,” says Moser. He still knows how to break the Wolves again, as before with 1-0 at home and 3-0 away (where he scored 2-0): “We have to stand up to the third best attack in the league and start working at attack speed.”

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This is what Tim Keeler says

Coach Tim Keeler is optimistic about the future: “Everyone wants to play, and we also have good depth in the team. So the recovery is a bit overrated.” Many games are what the players want – “even if the number and quality of competitors is high,” Keeler said.

He had to do without striker Corey Trevino for a long time: “We will miss him for about a month.” But Brett Cameron is on the verge of making a comeback. Keeler: “He trained with the team again. I’m optimistic that he will be back soon.”

Freiburg on Friday

This season, Freiburg confirmed his change from semi-relegation, which only saved himself in the last final game of 2019, to an aspiring player in the play-offs. Last year, thanks to the best defense from DEL2 in third (!), Breisgauers are now fifth. However: the last three matches against Kremmacho (4: 3), Frankfurt (3: 2) and in Landshut (4: 2) have all just lost.

Coach Peter Russell recently added British American Evan Mossi (32) as the fifth import, which he knows from the British national team. In addition to goalkeeper Ben Meissner (90.4% capture rate), striker Andre Holt (12 goals + 19 assists) from Sweden, Husky Chris Baelish (9 + 19) and Scott Allen (12 + 14) from Canada and distinguished. Defender Nick Bago (2 + 16).

Friborg’s youngest, at age 17, is Ryan Del Monte, whose father Daniel played 19 matches for Husky in 2007.

“The fact that we survived the previous two games against Freiburg without shaking our net was a strong performance from the whole team. We have to be disciplined again, Freiburg has a good strength game,” warns Keeler.

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Frankfurt on Sunday

The Huskies swept their eternal rivals off the ice 7-0 in December, after which coach Ole Salou was forced to take off his hat. However, the number one preferred promotion did not find consistency. “They are playing better now, it will be more difficult than it was in December. I expect a classic derby,” says Keeler.

Live metphyburn

This weekend too, you can cheer up with us and keep your fingers crossed. Today, Friday, from 7:25 p.m. when Huskies receive the wolves of Freiburg for their next ice hockey match, Gerald Schomburg and Stephen Koenig will be on HNA Radio from 7:25 pm, and Björn Friedrich will provide updated information on the live broadcast.

On the Sunday of the Huskies match in Frankfurt, Mary Clement will be ticking, and Michaela Streiff and Jason Scheid can be heard on HNA Radio from 4:55 pm. click here.

Written by Gerald Schomburg and Bjorn Fredericks