Hot Phase: Mirrors are being installed on the James Webb Space Telescope

For the James Webb Space Telescope, the critical phase of construction has now begun. After opening the side mirrors, the construction of the main mirror is now being prepared. NASA explains important details about it.

The final and most complex part of construction for the new James Webb Space Telescope will begin this weekend. The next steps before the actual operation of the Hubble successor will be shown again via NASA TV, the NASA App and US space agency website to be clear. According to previous plans, the NASA Presumably today, January 8th, around 3pm CET with the broadcast.

NASA wants to provide a first-hand account of the final hours of Webb’s big missions. As a final step, Webb’s team plans to deploy the second of the telescope’s two main mirror wings. The main port wing has been extended and fully locked. Once the next step is completed, the James Webb Telescope will have finished appearing in space and can move on to scientific operations.

The schedule can change

Webb is a joint project with the European Space Agency (ESA) and the Canadian Space Agency. The telescope was launched on December 25 from the European Spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana. Webb is now in the process of being exposed to its final configuration in space, essentially the last human-controlled process right before the telescope sends images back to Earth. Depending on how the main mirror’s structure will now be, the timeline for the milestones needs to be changed.

However, so far the team has only had a few issues, including when they couldn’t tighten their sun protection according to plan, and thus lost valuable time.

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Once fully operational, Webb will be able to explore every stage of cosmic history — from the solar system to the most distant observable galaxies in the early universe and everything in between, according to NASA. “Webb will uncover new – and certainly unexpected – discoveries and help humanity understand the origins of the universe and our place in it.”

NASA provides regular updates in Web-Telescope-Blog. Anyone who wants to use Webb online can have an interactive tracker”Where is the web?“Around Posts Explorer webpage chase, track, follow.

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