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Horbuch Hamburg presents the ›Best Entertainment›: “A Chemistry Question”…

Horbuch Hamburg presents the ›Best Entertainment›: “A Chemistry Question”…

Hamburg, March 2023German Audiobook Prize: This year’s winners were honored in a live two-hour radio show on WDR 5 yesterday evening. with “Question in Chemistry” Written by Bonnie Jarmus, Horbusch Hamburg coaxed the jury into the Best Entertainment category. Louise Helm was honored for her outstanding production of the novel and accepted the award. As part of ARD’s cultural evening, the award ceremony was broadcast by other ARD’s cultural channels and marked the beginning of the Cologne Literature Festival.

Celebrate it in Germany “Question in Chemistry” by American author Bonnie Garmos ( Book edition by Piper, translated by Klaus Timmermann and Ulrike Wasel) 2022 quick successes. The first novel was acclaimed by the press, book trade, readers and listeners, won many awards and remains on bestseller lists to this day. to Christine Dortman, program director of audiobooks in Hamburg and Austeroldodo, the title is “Program Highlight”. Not least because of the versatility of Louise Helm’s voice: “Sometimes sensitive, sometimes realistic and brilliant, sometimes humorous and always exciting. The result: a perfect chemical reaction that stuns the audience.”

This is correct German Audiobook Prize Jury Which justifies the award in the ›Best Entertainment› category as follows: “Louise Helm reads ‘A Question in Chemistry’ by Bonnie Garmos with such force and credibility that we are reminded of the wise 1960s in the United States with its patriarchal system and its effects on women who did not want to lose their right to self-determination. A new narrator and character literally merges.Louise Helm vividly recreates the world of the protagonist and her turbulent life, she brings out the comic side of the novel as well as the dramatic yet always remains behind the text, which skillfully sets the stage here.This creates a listening pleasure that will keep you entertained even if I had already read the book. The author could not have wished for a better translator, because the symbiosis of text and sound has literally created a piece of ‘the best entertainment.'”

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Colin Hauermanaging director of Hörbuch Hamburg, sees the jury’s verdict as a great honor for the publisher: “We have very high standards when it comes to the quality and entertainment value of our products and we work with the best sounds and studios in the country in order to achieve this. The fact that we have been able to beat strong competition in the category “Best Entertainment” strengthens us in our ideals and in our mission to always inspire with extraordinary listening experiences.”

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