Honkai Star Rail: all the free characters and how to get them

Honkai: Star Rail is a smash hit within days of its release. The free-to-play JRPG is incredibly popular and convinces with its high production values ​​and extremely intense circular battles. Games like this are often criticized for their gacha mechanics. New characters win mainly with tickets here called warps, as in the lottery. The game spends a lot of warps, but of course you can also spend money to get more opportunities for new characters.

Fortunately, Honkai: Star Rail is not a very stingy game. Not only are the additional characters largely optional, but the game can also be played well with the standard characters. Like Genshin Impact from the same developer, you get plenty of 24 characters in the new offshoot of the Honkai series for free. Below we will tell you which characters to get from the game without investing money in warps and hoping for luck.

1. Trailblazer – That’s You!

rarity: 5 stars – road: destruction – Battle type: physically

How to get a Trailblazer: This is you – and without you there is no adventure! So just start playing. Rarity: 5 stars. No wonder, after all, you get it exactly once in the game. Like in Genshin Impact, you have to decide whether your hero character should be male or female. When it comes to the path and type of battle, you are initially at the mercy of the default game.

But don’t panic, you can switch later to be more adaptable. I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t cool to get into a fight with a baseball bat…

2. March 7 – Your first line of defense

rarity: 4 stars – road: Preservation – Battle type: ice

How to get to March 7: The not-so-cool ice fighter ever joins you on March 7th, shortly after launch. In the beginning it was one of your most important characters.

Not only can you use her Frostbite Beauty to start battles from afar and gain an advantage – definitely freeze a random enemy and cast Ice Break on suitably weak enemies – she also generates with the Power of Cuteness a very effective protective shield around the targeted ally. Since you don’t heal via items in combat in Honkai: Star Rail, and your first healer comes later, this is one of the most important long-term survival measures.

This isn’t to say March 7th won’t be in combat either, because her talent “Girl Power” deflects two attacks per turn with ice damage, and her finisher is bad for the entire field of enemies. Good candidate for promotion to the first level.

3. Dan Heng – Anything But Windy

rarity: 4 stars – road: the hunt – Battle type: winds

How to get Dan Heng: Dan Heng also joins your team at the start. He’s fairly silent, and is more concerned with dealing wind damage to single enemies than dealing multiple enemies at once. Good for defeating fallen enemies with just one move.

4. Herta – a miniature genius

rarity: 4 stars – road: erudition – Battle type: ice

How to get Herta: Herta comes to you in the form of a childlike doll, which probably does not correspond to her actual current form. In fact, there is a brilliant scientist behind him, after whom the space station was named from the very beginning. She joins the team after completing the Trailblaze mission: “Simulating the Universe: First Closed Beta”.

The only hitch at the start: this cool character fights with a March 7th, also of a combat-type icicle, for a spot in the party, which he reluctantly grants as long as the March 7th armor is very useful.

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5. Asta – Shine the Fire Breather

rarity: 4 stars – road: harmony Battle type: fire

How to get ASTA: After the game has explained the gacha system for unlocking new characters – the so-called warps – you will automatically receive Asta as a valuable new member of the team.

It also deals good fire damage to multiple enemies and powers up the damage to its neighbors by hitting multiple enemies. A good addition to your crew once you get to Belobog.

6. Serval – Rock Cats icon

rarity: 4 stars – road: erudition – Battle type: Lightning

How to get your Serval: You get Serval as a reward for a community campaign: this team was promised to be boosted by 3.5 million registered users before launch. Anyone who plays the game can receive it via the in-game mailbox.

Serval brings the power of lightning to battle – and with a lot of style. Good offensive character but does less for the team.

7. Natasha – the first real healer

rarity: 5 stars – road: destruction – Battle type: physically

How to get Natasha: She joins your team after completing the Trailblaze quest “Lying in the Rust” from the “In the Frosty Winter’s Night” chapter. In order to advance in this part of the game, you must first have reached Trailblaze level 14. As the first true healer, this doctor from Belobog’s underworld is an important building block for a strong team.

The fact that Natasha’s fighting type is physical is of course a small dampening factor, since your hero or heroine already covers this area of ​​the factory. But on the one hand, you can change his or her gender later, and on the other hand, he or she doesn’t have to be in your party all the time. If you fail in a difficult battle, you must exchange the Trailblazer for the well-armed Natasha.

8. Qingque – Reinforcement for the late game

rarity: 4 stars – road: erudition – Battle type: Quantum

How to get Qingque: For Qingque, you have to enter the late game first. Trailblazer level 21 is required for this. If your Boom Boom grants you the “Ephemeral Lights” quest – which comes via a virtual text message on your in-game smartphone – you can unlock the Forgotten Hall, the counterpart to the Spiral Abyss from Genshin Impact. Complete memory level 3 here, which is not very easy. But then you get Qingque.

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