Hollywood star George Clooney (60) wants to help Storm-devastated Cuomo

In stormy days there was no difference between rich and poor. Everyone who lives at the top of Lake Como has been affected by the destructive power of the water bodies. So does George Clooney (60). A month ago, the movie star was on vacation with his wife Amal (43) and twins Ella and Alexander (4) at his adopted Italian home, Laglio.

At the end of the week, violent thunderstorms erupted across the lake. Constant rain and hailstorms swelled streams. The land separated from the slopes. This was followed by mudslides and flash floods. They buried entire areas. “It rained continuously for three days,” says Laglios Mayor Roberto Pozzi (68) from “Sun,” “then all hell broke out and we were engulfed in a massive flood of water that carried the wreckage away. The noise and power of the water were incredible ».

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