April 25, 2024

Hisui Fukano, Hisui Dorfush, and Hisui Snifell make their first appearances in the Hisui Discovery Pokémon Go event.

Hisui Fukano, Hisui Dorfush, and Hisui Snifell make their first appearances in the Hisui Discovery Pokémon Go event.

yEach region in the Pokémon world offers limitless opportunities to explore and discover. Pokemon GOCoaches have the opportunity to experience this spirit of admiration and courage with the Hisui Discoveries event that runs until Tuesday August 2, 2022 at 8:00 pm local time runs. During the event, Hisui regional forms of Fokano, Baldorvish and Snibel will make their debut in Pokemon GO in order to celebrate. And it’s not just Hisui-Fukano that has a hard rock double type – all three have a different double type than their non-Hisui counterparts!

Trainers can team up with these Pokemon to compete in the Hisui Cup in the GO Battle League. Only Pokémon with a CP of 1500 or less that was first discovered in the Hisui area or has a Pokédex number from 387 to 493 can compete. The battle against other trainers is the perfect opportunity to get to know your new Pokémon! And if you’re looking for inspiration to catch a Pokémon to battle with in the Hisui Cup, the Collection Challenge presents you with the perfect opportunity. If you catch all the Pokemon in the challenge, you will be rewarded with XP, Stardust and Incubator.

Hisui-Washakwil will also debut in Raid Tag – Hisui Discoveries Pokemon GO Give. In the Sunday, July 31, 2022 from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM local time Unown S, Sodamak, and Washakwil will appear in raids. Trainers can look forward to rewards in a Raid Tag event, such as an increased chance of receiving Rare Candy XL in character raid battles, up to five free raid cards by spinning photo discs in the arena during the event (and up to two hours after!) and 50 percent off. More XP for victorious raid battles.

Don’t forget to hatch the eggs too – the next Pokemon can hatch from a distance of 7 km from the eggs during the Hisui Discoveries event!

  • Hisui Fukano

  • Hisui Voltobal

  • Hisui Dorfsh

  • Hisui Snibel

The following Pokémon appear in Raids:

  • Level 1 raids:

  • Level 3 raids:

    • Khanira

    • guide you

    • Kyrelia

    • catfish

In addition, the following outdoor Pokémon will appear with increasing frequency during the Hisui Discoveries event.

  • additional

  • Bonita

  • Onyx

  • Hisui Voltobal

  • Tangela

  • electrical

  • Magmar

  • evey

  • burgundy

  • pencil

  • Hisui Dorfsh

  • Octellery

  • rumble

  • chirp

  • Palmin

  • Driftlon

  • Bronzel

  • chewing malate

  • globule

Enjoy exploring, coaches!