February 25, 2024

His speech at the naturalization ceremony drew heavy criticism

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Former President Donald Trump is said to have frequently insulted his wife Melania in the past. © Everett Collection/IMAGO

Melania Trump has been attacked online for speaking out against her husband’s immigration policies.

WASHINGTON, DC – Former first lady Melania Trump spoke at a naturalization ceremony at the National Archives about the difficulties of the immigration process in the United States. In front of 25 immigrants from 25 different countries who were sworn in as new U.S. citizens, he shared his own experiences as a naturalized citizen from Slovenia, reports Newsweek. He emphasized the complexities of the immigration process and the harsh realities faced by people seeking US citizenship.

Melania’s immigration: A critique of conflicts with Trump’s immigration policy

Melania received a strong backlash online, particularly from critics who pointed out that her husband, former President Donald Trump, made tough promises during the campaign to take strong action against US immigration policies. Highlighting Melania’s own challenges on the road to citizenship was seen as at odds with her husband’s political stances.

Writer Ann Yonan criticized Melania’s statements and emphasized the contradiction to her husband’s controlling actions. Another user recalled previous plagiarism allegations against Melania, who was accused of plagiarizing parts of a 2016 speech by Michelle Obama.

Other users on X, including Fox News host David Assmann, praised the former first lady’s speech. Azman emphasized that Melania’s address highlighted the difficulties but also the rewards of obtaining citizenship legally, unlike the millions who enter the country legally.

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Trump’s immigration plans for a possible second term

Former President Trump’s immigration plans for a possible second term include reinstating his “Remain in Mexico” program introduced in 2019. The plan aims to limit the immigration of Middle Eastern immigrants and end automatic U.S. citizenship for the children of undocumented immigrants born in the United States.

In 2018, Melania’s parents, Victor and Amalija Naus, were sworn in as citizens. It took place along a path that former President Trump has repeatedly criticized and recommended abolishing. A legal pathway known as “chain migration,” he writes, allows U.S. citizens to sponsor green cards for their relatives and earn them residency. Newsweek.

Regarding Melania’s immigration trip, under a video of Melania’s speech on Friday, one user highlighted the irony of the situation and asked about Melania’s “special talent.” (Ekaterina Yalunina)