June 21, 2024


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The new and updated user interface of Google Play Store is finally rolling out in India. The redesigned user interface was first introduced in November 696. The app was initially limited to a few countries such as Korea and Taiwan.

Now, more than five months after the initial launch, the new Play Store website is available with a modern look and feel in India as well. The major site redesign brings with it a lot of visual changes and brings a lot of Material Design quality from Google as well. Let’s take a look at all the new changes and design fixes that the new Google Play Store website has to offer.

Google Play Store web redesign: New additions and changes

The web design is also identical to the Google Play Store app on Android devices and both now look more elegant. The new user interface removes the overlapping sidebar completely and replaces it with the top navigation bar. There is the Google Play logo in the top left and next to the logo you can select five main areas: 一 Games, apps, movies, books and kids . .

Within the main sections you will find categories of devices such as Phone, tablet, TV, Chromebook, watch, car. While this is for apps, for the Games section, you’ll get the same options but Watch and Car. You get three subcategories 一 for both apps and games The highest free, highest earning and best paid , making it easier to find applications. The update moves the search bar to the upper-right corner, which was in the middle.

The sidebar, where all the details about the account were kept, has now been moved to the Google account switcher. You can simply click on your profile picture in the upper right corner to access a bunch of options like Library, Devices, Payments, Subscriptions, My Game Activity, Offers, Play Points, Family, and Settings.

Come to the dedicated application screen. The redesigned look here appears to be an extension of the phone’s width. The app name now appears very large with a featured photo or video, depending on the app. The first quick view gives you insight into rating, number of downloads, age, installation and wishlist button. If you scroll down, you will get some screenshots of the app with the description of the app. Below, you will get ratings and developer details. Get redesigned app suggestions in the right sidebar. For games, the trailer will play automatically.

Library option

The Library option will show you all the games, apps, movies, and books that you have downloaded for purchase in the past. It also displays the Wish List and Device List items. Finally, the Kids section includes filters by age for apps and games.

Overall, the Play Store Web redesign feels fast and fresh, and the user interface is a welcome change because it’s long overdue. The high-end desktop site now has a better level of size and edge width, making it much easier to work with. At the moment, it appears that the Google Play Store web UI will be rolling out in India as part of the server-side update, and more users will start receiving the update in the coming days.

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