Her dog who spins her daughter, Gila (2).

Anya Zeidler adopted a street dog from Bosnia and Herzegovina a few months ago. A four-legged friend makes life difficult for her family.

The basics in brief

  • Influencer Anja Zeidler is on her nerves end.
  • Former street dog Mičo chases her cats and has already bitten her daughter.
  • However, the 28-year-old doesn’t want to give up on the dog again.

Could you dog From the street, but not from the street dog

Anja Zeidler, 28, recently adopted a street dog Bosnia and Herzegovina The approved – the home of her partner Milan (26).

Initial joy though Stress The way given is because: Mičo has not given up his old habits yet.

The English setter eats and rips everything he can get into his mouth and terrifies Zeidler’s cats. “The the cats So don’t come home.”

“I ask myself: Is this fair? Was it really the right decision? Now my other animals are suffering,” then plant effect Burning to .

Do you like dogs?

Anja Zeidler: Gila’s Daughter Bit Dog

Particularly bad: too Her two-year-old daughter affected. “Gila was repeatedly engulfed by him, even biting her.” subordinate dog He also jumped twice in the face of the girl next door (10). Oops!

She doesn’t want to give up – but she still wonders if Mičo should go somewhere without kids the cats He’ll be better off. “But that thought alone breaks my heart,” says Anja Zeidler.

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