June 24, 2024

Helvetic Guards Lidl Arena Wil has chosen their stadium

Helvetic Guards Lidl Arena Wil has chosen their stadium

Lidl Arena has a capacity of 6,000 seats, is equipped with the latest technology and will be upgraded next year. In the future, not only FC Wil, but also the Swiss team in the new European football league will be able to celebrate many successes at the Lidl Sportpark Bergholz stadium.

says Tony Zoller, director of the Helvetic Guard. He goes on to say that the Lidl stadium offers ideal conditions for the newly formed team. The existing infrastructure and size of the stadium provided a great atmosphere and professional appearance by the Helvetic Guards in their inaugural season.

Since the company’s inception, the goal of the Helvetic Guards officials has been to make home games a “one-day holiday in America”. Die-hard football fans shouldn’t just be reached for by this concept. By organizing an innovative event, the enthusiasm and joy for this sport should be ignited in young and old.

Helvetic Guards found the perfect site for this concept. Lidl Sportpark Bergholz in Wil offers a spacious event area. There are many ways to creatively design this to entertain fans and create a unique event experience for all visitors.

Thanks to the collaboration between Helvetic Guards and Lidl Sportpark Bergholz, a completely new target group is being tackled. The location in Wil can continue to establish itself as one of the most exciting sports facilities in Switzerland from 2023. Thanks to the televised broadcasts of the games, the brand is presented to a pan-European audience.

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Sabine Rickenbach, WISAPG General Manager, commented on the collaboration: “We are very happy to have succeeded in bringing the Helvetic Guards home games to Wil. The football fan base is family and peace-loving. The chemistry with the officials has been right from the start and we are convinced that the planned events will inspire our fans “.

Even if it takes a few months until the start of the season, the anticipation is high. From June 2023, the Helvetic Guards will play six home matches against teams from Barcelona, ​​Milan, Paris and Istanbul. Additional class events are guaranteed.