July 12, 2024

Heidi Klum creates a moment of alien infamy with her appearance on the TV series

Heidi Klum creates a moment of alien infamy with her appearance on the TV series

Heidi Klum can be seen in the current episode of “The Kardashians.”Photo: Getty Images North America / Frazer Harrison

Jennifer Ulrich

Heidi Klum is not only on German TV, but now also in United State Widespread. A recent example is the new Skims campaign of the icons, in which the model wore lingerie alongside Tyra Banks, Alessandra Ambrosio, Candice Swanepoel and Kim Kardashian.

The latter, however, had to persuade Heidi to take the revealing action. The current episode of the reality documentary “The Kardashians” provides the backdrop Disney Plus can be seen.

Heidi Klum: common cause with Kim Kardashian

In the series, Kim is suddenly nervous when she meets Heidi. “I’m dying, I have to powder,” she says in preparation for the photo shoot. The 42-year-old irritates thoughts like “Thank God, I’ve had all of my body hair removed,” but she definitely wants to move on with it (“Damn, I’m on the campaign trail!”), and eventually do it with confidence.

“I’ll take all credit for undressing her for this photoshoot.”, Heidi celebrates her power of persuasion before she even begins. Kim, on the other hand, still can’t believe she stands by “icons.” She even describes the encounter as “surreal” in a positive sense.

Heidi Klum has cravings

After the photo session, the camera stays on and finally captures a curious moment: the group of women suddenly lusts and finds themselves in front of a beignet stand. Heidi wears her own bathrobe, which she only wore temporarily after recording.

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“I want to try a big one,” the model puts on his ambiguous system, smiling purposefully. Then Kim asserts:

“Yes, Heidi loves it very much.”

Presented by Heidi Klum "Kardashians" For a moment shame.

Heidi Klum creates a moment of alien disgrace on ‘The Kardashian Family’.Photo: Getty Images North America / Matt Winkelmeyer

“I like the big size. My mom says size doesn’t matter. The main thing is that it tastes good. But I think I like a big subject” Heidi then goes into detail about the topic again – at the latest now it’s up to her onlookers but a bit of a shame the alien.

By the way, she liked Kim Kardashian so much that she immediately wants to move in with her. “Kim, can you adopt me?”reality star asks.