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Heavy rain in London floods the streets

Heavy rain in London floods the streets

Jul 26, 2021 at 1:10 a.m.

London (dpa) Great Britain has not been spared from the chaos of weather in Europe either, London is in a state of emergency: the streets are flooded, the basements are full, the underground is partially out of order.

A woman in London protects herself from heavy rain with an umbrella.

Heavy rain and thunderstorms caused traffic chaos in London on Sunday. Several streets, subway stations and a tunnel were closed due to the flooding, the BBC reported.

Docklands Light Rail station in Stratford was deeply underwater, as evidenced by Sky News images. A number of videos also show how buses and cars slowed down due to the water blocks. In many areas of the city this has resulted in significant traffic delays.

The fire brigade reported several hundred calls early in the evening about filled cellars or flooded streets. Authorities have warned of more flooding in several areas in southeast England, and Mayor Sadiq Khan has called on people not to drive or walk during the floods.

Two hospitals in east London said during the evening that their emergency rooms had been damaged by the storm. Patients should transfer to other clinics if possible.

The 28-year-old cyclist told PA UK news agency that he was born and raised in London but has never seen anything like it in the city.

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