March 1, 2024

Heat wave in Canada and the US: When power lines meltذوب

Heat wave in Canada and the US: When power lines meltذوب

nAfter the highest temperatures on record, coroners fear dozens of heat deaths in the Canadian province of British Columbia. As a spokeswoman said, about 130 deaths are usually recorded there from Friday to Monday. During the same period of the past few days, more than 230 prefecture authorities were reported to have died in the west of the country. “We assume that the extreme heat contributed to the sharp increase,” the head of forensic medicine said on Tuesday.

Like the Pacific Northwest of the United States, western Canada was surprised by an unprecedented heat wave this past weekend. In the north Vancouver town of Lytton, where temperatures averaged 24 degrees in June, 49.5 degrees were measured on Tuesday, the highest value ever recorded in Canada. British Columbia’s prime minister has urged the province’s five million or so residents to take care of elderly neighbors and keep cold compresses in the refrigerator.

The heat wave also continued south of the Canada-US border. In Oregon and Washington, hundreds have arrived at emergency rooms with heat-related complaints in the past few days. The Seattle Times reports that a 65-year-old from Seattle and a 68-year-old from Enumclaw died of hyperthermia in temperatures above 42 degrees.

And in Portland, Oregon, which set the previous day’s record of 46.6 degrees on Monday, heat meanwhile melted power lines and cracked road surfaces. US meteorologists have illustrated dangerously high temperatures with a thermal bell as there is a region of high pressure like mantle over the Pacific Northwest.

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