November 28, 2023

Heat in Europe - Temperatures in a possible record range - Meteorology

Heat in Europe – Temperatures in a possible record range – Meteorology


Temperatures in southern Europe may be in record territory this week.

Heat spreads in parts of Europe. Especially in Spain and Portugal, but also in the regions of France and northern Italy, for example, it is very hot. According to the current temperature forecast, maximum values ​​\u200b\u200bare within the recording range.

Local temperatures of up to 49 degrees are possible

The EZMWF weather model shows an exceptionally warm air mass from the Atlantic Ocean through the Iberian Peninsula to France until at least the beginning of next week. Expected maximum temperatures are correspondingly high.

In Badajoz-Talaverna/ESP, for example, the current temperature record is 44.7 degrees according to the German weather service DWD. The SRF Meteo temperature forecast for this region shows temperatures as high as 49 degrees are possible this week.

The Mediterranean is also exceptionally warm

High weather pressure makes this possible

On the other hand, climatic conditions make such temperatures possible: at this time of year there is already very warm or hot air over these areas. On the other hand, thanks to the area of ​​constant high pressure, the maximum duration of sunlight is possible over several days, so the air can warm more and more and is not currently replaced by cooler air.