June 17, 2024

Head protection while swinging – “Less headache the next morning” – Sports

To prevent concussions, some wrestlers have recently begun wearing a rugby helmet.

Ear protection is almost a common sight when you swing. Some wrestlers now go so far as to protect themselves: they wear a (soft) rugby helmet. Pioneers include Bernays Cordin-Orlick and Matthew Berger.

“I wear it so I have less of a headache the next day. “It cushions some of the blow,” says Orlik, who switched gears this season. The 31-year-old, who has suffered concussions in the past, said he noticed a difference in competition and training. .


Walking here without a helmet

Corden Orlik (above) defeated Martin Rowley in a match.

Key / Alessandro della Valle

Learn how to fall and strengthen your muscles

There is a risk of injury: with a few hooks, the defeated slingshot falls headfirst into the sawdust – and the victor falls on top with his own weight. Despite the professionalization and increased sportsmanship of elite wrestling, the number of head injuries has not increased, the Federal Wrestling Federation (ESV) asserts.

Prevention is an issue in ESV. Managing director Rolf Gasser says the children are already practicing the falling technique. Another preventive measure is to strengthen the neck muscles. Gasser argues that the advantage of the swing over sports such as ice hockey or rugby is that the athlete always has the opponent in sight and therefore cannot be surprised from a blind spot.

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