May 18, 2024

He never enjoyed his success

He never enjoyed his success

Speaking to The Independent, Bryan said: “I was touring. People were always saying, ‘You’re number one in England,’ but I wasn’t there to experience it. I was performing non-stop. It’s been touring for literally four years.” […] I guess I didn’t really enjoy the surreal side of being #1 for four months. They just told me that.”

The ‘Heaven’ hit maker became famous worldwide with his single ‘Summer of ’69’, which failed to chart in most countries and rose to ‘popularity’ only a decade later. When asked why that was, Adams explained, “They said, ‘Did you know that ‘Summer ’69 just reached number one in the Netherlands?” Although the song was a huge hit in North America, it took 10 years for it to become known and it wasn’t charted in the UK, so maybe there’s something about the songs we write that doesn’t necessarily come right away. But in the long run, they rise from the rubble.”

Brian will release his 15th studio album, “So Happy It Hurts” on Friday (March 22nd). And the singer and photographer is happier than ever in his career. “It took me years to get to this point, but I’m so glad I made it,” the star continued.

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