December 2, 2023

Hauff-Technik: The future is made of courage, Hauff-Technik GmbH & Co.  KG, press release

Hauff-Technik: The future is made of courage, Hauff-Technik GmbH & Co. KG, press release

Nobody can see into the future. Nor the Director General, Dr. Michael Siebold of Hauff-Technik GmbH & Co. KG. But it can determine the path the company wants to take. A brave path on the one hand and aimed at providing security for the status quo on the other, but also characterized by respect for challenges.

How can Hauff-Technik’s success story continue?

If you want to propagate a plant, you should remove the branches and divide them. The mother plant can gather all its strength again and focus on itself. The tender new plants have just enough nutrients in their new pot to grow and grow big and strong.

The Hauff-Technik GRIDCOM subsidiary is already showing signs of boom, but should be able to expand the infrastructure business in a healthy way in the next few years. Space is required for this. Space not available on Rosenberg’s website. At least not for the production of basic tanks and intermediate distributors.

Hauff-Technik is now also raising its own seedlings by setting up subsidiaries in the Middle East, Switzerland and the UK as well. They come from the parent company, and carry the same genes, but in order to continue growing, they must be separated and renumbered at some point.

Growth needs space

Hauff-Technik GRIDCOM had already exceeded its capacity limits in terms of production and warehousing space, so this action had to be taken quickly. The company continues to grow in the international environment and requires more and more space.

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Until all the plants can grow healthily and the original plant can fully spread again, the production halls and the adjacent office building will be leased on 1 May 2023 as new buildings on the site of the famous Mayer Group in Heidenheim. The Hermaringen site will continue to be the headquarters of Hauff-Technik GmbH & Co. KG.

As early as the fourth quarter of 2022, the first Hauff-Technik-GRIDCOM residences will be manufactured on a production area of ​​2,500 square metres.

Another 2,000 square meters of office space for a long-planned customer center and staff is available from the Hermaringer site. However, by the time the moving truck rolls here, it will be at the end of 2023.

“We had to move quickly, in the current situation, new building is not really an option,” says General Manager and Project Director Thomas Kölle.

The Managing Director, Dr. Michael Sebold. In 1955, company founder Werner Hauff created his first injection molding machine in the Heidenheim Concert Hall. Now the company is back — at least with its new offspring.