June 23, 2024

Harms or Mahomes? Glarner tap the Super Bowl winner

ABC American Football

(2 points) Conversion: Chance of scoring two extra points after landing. The end zone must be reached again – from a distance of a yard (one yard is 1.1 metres). There is only one point for the extra point kicked.
under: The team in possession has four attempts (downs) to advance ten yards. If this succeeds, there are four new attempts
End zone: Teams try to carry the ball into the opponent’s end zone or catch it there. Six points are awarded for such a drop.
Extra points: After touchdown, the attacking team can score another point with a kick through the posts. Even a conversion earns 2 points.
media: If the referees see a violation of the rules, they throw the flag onto the field.
grope: When the carrier of the ball drops the egg – because it slips out of the hand or is hit. After that, the opponent usually gets the ball.
field goal: Kick through the goal. There are three points to this.
objection: The opponent intercepts the ball and, in turn, receives the right to attack.
scrimmage line: An imaginary line where the ball is located after a stoppage and where play will resume.
Punt: Kick out of control, mostly in the fourth down because four more attempts are unlikely. After that, the right to attack usually changes hands.
Quarterback: The playmaker gets the ball from the center. Hands it to the back or throws it to the receiver. The quarterback can also run himself.
running backwards: The player who comes from behind and carries the ball as far forward as possible. But it can also be played with a pass.
Counter: It is only allowed against a ball carrier who has been pinned or brought down by the defending team.
tight end: Offensive players, who are usually taller and stronger than wide receivers. It can be used as a pass receiver or blocker.
drop: equals six points. The offensive team carries or catches the ball in the end zone.
Wide receivers: Quick and agile players who have to catch thrown balls and carry them as far forward as possible.