July 16, 2024

Greenpeace dumps plastic in London

Greenpeace dumps plastic in London

Greenpeace dumped plastic near Boris Johnson’s official residence to protest the export of garbage. It was a total of 625 kg of plastic.

The basics in brief

  • Greenpeace dumps plastic in front of Boris Johnson’s official residence.
  • With this, the organization wants to draw attention to Britain’s garbage exports.

In protest against Britain’s waste exports, Greenpeace dumped 625 kilograms of plastic near Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s office. It is the amount the UK exports abroad every 30 seconds. The Environmental Protection Agency announced on Tuesday in London.

England pretends to be a leader in the fight against plastic. “But it is actually fueling the plastic crisis and illegally exporting our waste,” Greenpeace said. The organization renamed the administrative district of Westminster in London to “Wasteminster” – German: Müllminster.

It is estimated that five million tons of plastic is used in the UK each year. About half of the packaging. According to Greenpeace, the country is the largest producer of plastic waste after the USA.

According to this, 40% of Britain’s plastic waste exports end up in Turkey. However, garbage is not recycled there, it ends up on roads, fields and waterways. The organization criticized this in May.

The government is pushing for stricter export controls

The UK Department of the Environment at the time recognized that more waste should be disposed of in the UK. That’s why the government is campaigning for stricter export controls.

“The UK is a world leader in tackling plastic pollution. Expanded producer responsibility for packaging, a tax on plastic packaging and mandatory traceability of e-waste will increase recycling rates.” This is what the ministry said.

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