December 10, 2023

Yoshiro Nagafusa, Präsident und CEO Epson EMEAR, setzt Nachhaltigkeit in den Fokus (Foto: Epson)

Green Signs: Epson publishes sustainability report

For the fourth time, Epson has published its “Green Choice” sustainability report for Europe. The 2020/2021 report provides insight into the company’s current sustainability activities. The focus is on current goals and measures, sustainability techniques and the topic of social responsibility. The data relates primarily to Epson’s European subsidiaries in France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and the United Kingdom.

It is time for sustainable technology. European economies are starting to recover and investment is growing. Our challenge as a manufacturer is to continue to develop and provide technology for a truly sustainable future,” wrote Yoshiro Nagafusa, President and CEO of Epson EMEAR, in the foreword to the report.

Focus on Sustainability: Epson’s new European President Yoshiro Nagafusa

In the report, the group writes about goals and achievements as well as its next steps, but also outlines areas where more needs to be done: “The report is not a list of activities and plans. It’s all about effective promotion,” explains Henning Olsson, director of sustainability at Epson EMEAR and managing director of Epson Germany. for sustainable management, communicating progress, but also broadly discussing ways and ideas and motivating them to act sustainably.

Epson’s revised Environmental Vision 2050, presented in March 2021, occupies an important part of the report. Identifies the company’s major global milestones and long-term goals. Epson focuses on four main areas: decarbonization, or the use of renewable energies; closed resource cycle; development of specific environmental technologies; The use of sustainable products and services in the company, supply chains and customers. To carry out these actions, Epson plans about 770 million euros over the next ten years.

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The full Sustainability Report 2020/21 can be found at Download as PDF in Epson.

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