May 22, 2024

Green Corridor is not against forgery - science and technology

Green Corridor is not against forgery – science and technology

IT expert Christophe Moire says fraud of the green corridor is theoretically possible. Since the program had to be created quickly, there were “compromises” in terms of anti-fraud and data protection. The passport serves its purpose, according to the information technician Maar, but it is only a “temporary solution”. People with basic knowledge can recreate the green driveway in a very short time and thus have access to the interiors of lodges, gyms and events – despite not having a test or vaccination result to display.

Another weakness of the green corridor is insufficient data protection. The reason for Moars’ concerns is poor data codes. “The data is not on the code, so there is access to the Sabes server,” Moar says. “This of course is the possibility of hackers accessing the data.” Unlike Immuniapp, the data will be less protected. If an icon is scanned multiple times during an evening outing, for example, a user traffic profile can be created, says Moar.

IT expert Moar has rated the Eurac and Sabes project as an acceptable fast solution, but not as a long-term solution. Eurac director Stefan Ortner has also stated that the passport is not counterfeit-proof.

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