Great Thursday litmus test at the polls of British Prime Minister – News


Regional elections in the United Kingdom do not only elect local councils, mayors, the Parliament of Scotland and the Welsh Senate. It’s also a poll by Boris Johnson.

The polls have been open since 8am: if the British flock to the polls from Glasgow via London to Cardiff, it will not turn the balance of power in the UK on its head. But it will give an indication of how happy people are with the current policy.

The main focus is undoubtedly on the Parliamentary elections in Scotland. It is already clear to observers that the ruling National Democratic Party will win the elections there. However, it remains to be seen whether the SNP will achieve a majority in Parliament. Because this is a prerequisite for a new independence referendum in Scotland.

An important test for the British government in London, as well as for the opposition, is the regional elections in the north of England. It remains to be seen whether Labor can regain the terrain surprisingly conquered by the Conservatives in the recent nationwide elections.

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Today it is not just an election in this sense, but also a massive vote. For the first time since Prime Minister Boris Johnson was elected in December 2019, the British can say whether they are satisfied with his policies.

Conservatives hope that the Tory government’s successful vaccination campaign will be honored at the ballot box. On the one hand, Labor and opposition leader Keir Starmer in the past few days has tried to benefit politically from allegations that Downing Street is promoting nepotism.

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What will really move the British in the end will emerge over the weekend, when the results of today’s election are available.

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