July 15, 2024

Great Britain wants to increase exports with a new aid program

Great Britain wants to increase exports with a new aid program

After Brexit, exports to Europe collapsed in Great Britain. The British government now wants to counter this.

The basics in brief

  • The British government wants to increase exports again after Brexit.
  • Last year the UK exported 600 billion pounds worth of merchandise.
  • After Brexit, exports to Europe fell sharply.

After Brexit, the British government wants to help companies and increase exports abroad. Britain’s Trade Minister Anne-Marie Trevelyan said on Wednesday that a trillion pounds worth of exports by the end of this decade would mean more jobs, more opportunities and higher wages, which would equalize living conditions in the UK.

Last year, the UK exported goods worth 600 billion pounds (about 751 billion Swiss francs). After Brexit, exports to Europe fell sharply as new measures and controls were necessary. The British government itself acknowledges that only one in ten British firms is currently exporting and that it is “behind continental competitors such as Germany, Denmark or the Netherlands”.

In addition to more training and financial services, the new program also provides a hotline and online service to help businesses solve problems. At special trade fairs, companies should also have the opportunity to make their products or services known internationally.

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