May 21, 2024

Great Britain urges Rwanda to deport asylum seekers

LONDON, April 02 (Reuters) – Britain is sticking with controversial plans to deport asylum seekers to Rwanda. Home Secretary Suella Braverman told the BBC on Sunday that Rwanda was determined to be a safe country for resettlement of illegal immigrants. She did not want to give a date for the first deportation to an African country. “The Supreme Court – senior expert judges – have looked at the details of our agreement with Rwanda and found that it is a safe country and our agreements are legal,” he said.

The first deportation flight was halted last year by an injunction from the European Court of Justice. But the High Court in London ruled in December that the plan was legal. Opponents of the deportations announced they would appeal the ruling. The British government signed a deal with Rwanda in early 2022 under which the African country will take in migrants arrested in Britain in return for a £120 million (€136 million) payment. After all, the government in London wants to stop asylum seekers coming to Great Britain via the English Channel on small boats.

Human rights groups criticize the plans given the situation in Rwanda. On the BBC, Braverman was asked about food distribution protests in a refugee camp in Rwanda in 2018. The police said that 5 people have died. The minister said he was not aware of the matter. But she is on “solid ground” when she says Rwanda is a safe country. This is the perfect solution to Britain’s boat people problem.

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Great Britain urges Rwanda to deport asylum seekers

Source: Reuters

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