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In the first quarter of 2022, 67.9 per cent of British radio listeners used digital distribution channels, compared to 64.5 per cent in the 4th quarter of 2021. This emerges from the current version of the British range measurement RAJAR.

Radio reception via DAB and DAB + is the most popular distribution channel in Great Britain with about 41%. FM and medium waves together account for 32 percent of radio consumption. This was followed by apps and websites (about 12 percent) and smart speakers (about 10 percent) being shown separately for the first time this quarter. 4.5% of British radio listeners use DVB-T as a welcome system.

In the first quarter of 2022, 72 percent of commercial private radio listeners and 65 percent of BBC listeners relied on digital distribution channels to listen to radio.

Heart introduces DAB radio show with music in the 2000s

Change in 1st National DAB Private Radio Max. As of Friday, Hart 00s is another new station specializing in music for a decade. Heart 00s joins its sister programs Heart UK, Heart 70s, Heart 80s, Heart 90s and Heart Dance in Max. Capitol Extra Reload is being replaced by a new one at Multiplex. Both stations belong to the Global Radio family of stations (Capitol FM, Hart, Smooth Radio, Classic FM, Radio X, LBC).

Capital Extra Reloaded gets an alternative DAB slot in Greater London. Smooth Chill destroys the ability to broadcast there. However, the Chil format only completes a parallel broadcast and retains its slot on the 1st National DAB Private Radio Max. Since the new Morning Show host of the Heart 00s was on Capital Extra Reloaded mission earlier in the morning, Capital Extra Reloaded tuned listeners on their DAB radio will hear a familiar voice on Monday, even if the show changes. In addition to the morning show, Saturday evening Hart 00s will also have a moderate broadcast.

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At current circuit limit measurements, the Heart 90s, which belong to the Heart Transmitter family, performed well and were able to record 45.5% growth in the last quarter. Heart 00s must now build this success.

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