June 21, 2024

Great Britain: Tories face worst election result since 1906

According to current polls, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s party may shrink from 365 to 140 parliamentary seats.

The ruling Conservative Party is facing a historic defeat in the upcoming general election in Great Britain, according to an opinion research firm. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s party currently holds 140 seats in parliament, YouGov reported on Monday. In 2019 he won 365 mandates. Right-wing populist “Brexit architect” Nigel Farage has now announced his intention to run for “Reform UK” in the July 4 election.

According to YouGov, the opposition Labor Party could go from just 200 seats to 422 if an election were held now. The Conservative Party faces its worst result in a British general election since 1906, YouGov wrote. Keir Starmer’s Social Democratic Labor Party, on the other hand, can expect an even more leading parliament than its then prime minister, Tony Blair, in 1997. The Liberal Democrats will therefore be the third strongest force with 48 seats. , the Scottish National Party (SNP) leads with 17 mandates.

The Conservative Tories have long trailed Labor in the polls, although the gaps in the polls vary. The YouGov Institute has now released a model for the distribution of constituencies and seats in parliament. Leading Conservatives such as Defense Minister Grant Shabbs, House of Commons leader Benny Mordant and key Brexit supporter Jacob Rees-Mogg are also likely to lose their mandates, according to reports. (APA/dpa)

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